Friday, December 18, 2009

Miri City Council ~ “Sunday Is No Plastic Bag Day” Campaign

Besides Penang and Selangor which will implement "Free Plastic Day" beginning year 2010, we also have Miri City Council to thank for their effort in this area since 6 September 2009. Hopefully others will follow suit. It will not be easy to immediately change people's habit, however this is not a mission impossible. Keep up your good work and BRAVO TO ALL!

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The Miri City Council through its Miri Local Agenda 21 is glad to announce that the “Sunday Is No Plastic Bag Day” campaign will kick-off this Sunday, 6 September 2009.

The Objectives of Campaign:

* To create awareness among the public on the dangers of expansive use of plastic
* To reduce or minimize the plastic usage starting from shopping complexes by using recyclable shopping bags
* To encourage public from various levels to participate in environmental programme

It was noticed that during last Sunday launching day (30/08/2009) some Supermarkets have taken the initiative to start the campaign on the same day and had received favourable and positive responses.

Shoppers are reminded to “bring their own shopping bags” because participating Hypermarket and Supermarket / Departmental Stores will not be issuing plastic bag for free on Sunday. However, should the shoppers still require a plastic bag, they can purchase one for RM0.20 and all these charges collected will be donated to charitable organizations or NGOs by the individual outlets. As an alternative, some Hypermarket / Supermarket will also be selling “Ecobags” at a discount price provided the “Ecobags” was filled with purchased items on Sunday.

It was indeed a welcoming move by the participating outlets, and to date, the following stores / Supermarkets have agreed and confirmed participation.

* Boulevard Hypermarket & Departmental Store
* Giant Supermarket
* E-mart Supermarket
* Servay Supermarket
* Sin Liang Supermarket
* Nam Leong Departmental Store
* Pasar Edar Ekonomi
* Super Save Departmental Store
* Ng Sian Hap Trading
* G.K Supermarket

The Council on its parts will continue to intensify its publicity campaign through RTM, local media, banner and intended to print publicity posters to be distributed to all Local Agenda 21 Stakeholders, like government depts., schools, private sectors, NGOs, residents committee and kampong.

The Council has also decided to look into action plan to extend the campaign to other business outlets including hawkers stalls and markets.

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