Monday, June 30, 2008

OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD - save it from global warming

When NASA climate scientist Dr H J Zwally in December 2007, first predicted that "nearly all the ice could be gone from the Arctic Ocean by the end of summer 2012..." many of us were shocked, to say the least.

I don't know what went through your mind, but I could not imagine how it could happen and so soon! My sister (who loves to globe-trot) has now booked to go to the Antarctica with a friend..."before the ice all melt away" being their reason. Not all of us are as lucky as the both of them to afford such a trip.

When I discussed this soon-to-happen phenomenon with my friends, each of them came up with their own scenario of the end result. One said that if all the ice should melt, the ocean will overfill and low lying areas will be flooded. True... and this is a confirmed scientific fact.

Another said that the weather will be affected resulting in more cyclones and typhoons as well as droughts in certain areas of the globe. Bingo... you got that one right too!

When it was my turn to share my thoughts, there was really nothing more I could add as they already have exhausted the list. I hesitated for a moment and told them wistfully, that if nothing is done to arrest global warming now, we will have to resort to looking at pictures taken of the world's most beautiful spots, to enjoy them. The real things will be gone and all that is left behind will be skeletons of places that were once beautiful and scenic.

The silence that followed echoed the sad feeling we all felt deep inside... one of them even went teary eye just thinking of what can happen to our world.

Recently, a lovely couple (friends of mine from Perth) went on a trip to Canada and Alaska. Before their trip, Pat emailed me pictures of some the places they were going to visit.

I literally turn GREEN (sorry, pun not intended) with envy! You wonder why? Just see for yourself and then maybe you will agree with me - Mother Earth is so beautiful! I dread to imagine what can happen to these places come 2012.

I don't know about you but I think it's worth the effort and commit ourselves in whatever we can to help address global warming - to reverse its effects so that we may help to preserve these artistic creations of God and men ! Not just for ourselves, but for our children and all future generations and most of all, for all of humanity.

My friends ooh-ed and aah-ed over the pictures and they are now more than convinced to take up arms against the onslaught of global warming. They may not get to see these lovely places in their lifetimes but sure wish they remain unchanged for their children and grandchildren.

According to Dr James Hansen (god-father of climate change) : "We have passed tipping points. We have not passed a point of no return. We can still roll things back, but it is going to require a quick turn in direction." THERE IS HOPE! But only if you and I are committed to doing something positive about it.

Thank you Pat and Tyrone, for the pics.

Here they are - a feast for your eyes!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am sure many of you out there are already on the road to GOING GREEN. There are just too many adverse info on the destructive forces of global warming for us NOT to heed the warnings and do something about it. No matter how small your effort may seem now, IT is significant if you challenge yourself to make it your PERSONAL commitment.

Below, please check out the top 10 + 1 ways you can adopt to help fight climate change. I have used the website (at bottom of page) as a reference and have added in useful hints and suggestions that may help anyone who care enough to join us in this worthwhile cause.
All we ask is that you PLEDGE to make this your PASSION and MISSION....

# Switch off lights and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use
e.g. computer, TV, fans, radio, portable chargers, etc.
# Clean and maintain electrical appliances regularly - this will maximise energy savings.
# When buying new gadgets, look for energy efficient models.
# Turn air-cond temperature to high of between 22-24 deg when in use.
REMEMBER : Less energy = less pollution

# Take a shower instead of a bath.
# Turn off the tap and not let water run unnecessarily when you are brushing your teeth, and washing dishes.
# Recycle water from your laundry and kitchen for the garden.
# Collect rain water for washing and watering plants.
# Wash laundry only when you have a full load.
# Use a bucketful of water to clean your car.

# Change to compact flourescent light bulbs.
# Turn off lights when not in the room.

# Avoid buying products with elaborate packaging. They cost more and also not eco-friendly.
# Buy refills whenever available e.g. shampoo, shower gel and washing detergent.
# Support local-made products - they are cheaper and have less carbon imprint.
# Eat more organic foods which are eco-friendly, healthier and are free from pesticides and fertlizers.
# Eat more local fruits and vegetables rather than expensive imported ones.

# Carpool to help ease traffic congestion and air pollution.
# Walk or ride a bicycle for short distances. e.g from your home to the groceries/market.
# Make a list of errands and plan to do them in a day... this saves time, petrol and money.
# Take public transport whenever convenient instead of using the car.

# Trees are natural air-filters - they convert harmful carbon dioxide to oxygen.
# If space is not available, cultivate a small garden in your porch/balcony. Pots of green leafy plants are so eye-pleasing and helps the environ.
# Reduce the use of paper and/or recycle to help save more trees.

Reduce the use of plastic bags and other non-degradable products
# Recycle and reuse glass/plastic/cardboard receptacles.
# Sort out recyclable items and convert them to cash.
# Give old clothes ,toys, books, old furniture and electrical appliances (not working) to Charity. Make sure they are in fair condition and are repairable for further use.

# solar
# wind turbine energy
# natural gas
# others

(9) ADVOCATE FOR - SOS Planet Earth
# Cultivate Green habits and make a change to your present lifestyle.
# Join in and actively participate in environmental activities/ gotong royong clean-ups in your locality..
# Take the lead and start your own environmental group.
# Set an example to your children - teach and show them the way.

Cut down/stop smoking. It's good for your heath and the environment.
# Don't subject your loved ones and friends to second-hand smoke with your habit.

(11) Last but not the least - GO VEG! BE GREEN !
# Begin to adopt a plant-based diet to reduce livestock-induced pollution to the environment.
# Support animal-rights activist groups in their battle against cruelty to animals and livestock.


BLOGGER'S COMMENTS : These are but some of the ways we can help protect the environment. If you have more to share, please post them to us at : and we will include them to the blog in your credit.

Friday, June 27, 2008

MUHIBBAH : The Lion, the impalas and the grandmother

Not too long after the price hike on petrol, I met an elderly lady friend on her way to the wet market near where I am residing. While exchanging pleasantries, she lamented on the increase of prices on some essential food stuff.

"Aiyah... you know now everything so expensive, lah ! Flour has gone up 70 - 80 cents. Rice is so dear and some vegetables also have gone up in price. How to survive, like that? I ask you."

"Poh Poh, don't you know the price for car oil (petrol) has increased to RM2.70? It used to be only RM1.90 per litre." I replied.

"But I don't see how I have to suffer because of that. I don't drive a car and what has car oil to do with food? Now, I worry for my children and grandchildren. They all have families with children in school. How to tahan like that?" She muttered.

How do you explain the economics of price hikes to an 80-year old lady ? Will she understand the domino effect of the increase that will inadvertently affect everyone? That food prices will increase because transportation charges has gone up in tandem with the petrol hike? It's like a vicious cycle .... with no end and no beginning.

The rebates doled out to vehicle owners seemed to have pacified the masses who were thumping tables earlier. The papers was full of happy smilingy faces of those who received the rebates - RM625 for cars 2000cc and below and RM150 for motor bikes. I wonder how long before these same people will start complaining again when they finally wake up to the reality of the full impact this drastic price hike is causing. It's quite obvious they are still in a semi-state of shock and were temporarily sated by the 'generosity' of the rebates.

I didn't see Poh Poh for a couple of days after our last meeting (she normally goes to the market every other day) until this morning. She was smiling and seemed to be in a happier mood. I asked after her health and she said she had never felt any better. When I asked why she had not been going to the market lately, she turned and said: " I don't go so often now. You want to know why, or not? If I don't go so often, I save money, mah. If I go, I end up buying so many things which end up not used. Such a waste of money, lah!"

Smart move, Poh Poh. She may not have grasped the whole picture but she certainly is wise.
We can all learn a lesson from her - SHOP SMART and BE FRUGAL in such times. Poh Poh has been through good and hard times and she definitely is a survivor and like the bamboo - which knows how to bend with the wind instead of against it. The Chinese has a saying : "Horse died, get down and walk " (say this in Cantonese). And so it is, when things get tough, one don't sit and whinge. Get on your feet and do something about it.

In every situation, there will be people who will try to make a quick buck out of the given circumstances. Case in point : Just as many traders who have not increase prices on their wares, there are also those who will "Strike while the iron is hot". It's not everyday you get to add to your profits. Right?

I remembered I saw a documentary on drought-stricken Seregenti National Park in Tanzania, Africa. Many waterholes were drying up and the animals in the Park were on the verge of death.
What amazed me then was, they all shared what little water they had - foes and friends alike. The lion was drinking together with the impalas (African antelopes).

Strange how even animals have the sense to co-exist in harmony when a crisis arises. Their need to survive over- rule their inherent nature and allow both hunter and prey to put aside their differences so that they may live to see another day. Can we say the same for us - human beings?

Need I say more?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

GLOBAL WARMING - An Inconvenient truth??

In recent years, animal-rights activists have been actively campaigning for the protection of animals with emphasis on livestock raised for human consumption.

Factory farms and abattoirs have been found guilty of ill-treating these defenseless creatures. Countless such animals have to live out their short lives in deplorable conditions and for them, death would seem a welcome end to their miserable existence.

In an effort to appeal to the humane nature of those who feel compassion and love for all animals, these activists advocate a diet totally free from all types of meat and its by-products. In so doing, we can lessen and reduce the sufferings of our animal friends.

This call for us to stop putting meat on our dining tables has now been further endorsed by environmentalists who now acknowledge the fact that climatic changes due to global warming is directly linked to the meat industries. Research data has confirmed this to be true.

Livestock generates more greenhouse gases than all worldwide transportation combined! It also accounts for 65% of human-caused nitrous oxide (which is 296 times as warming as CO2); totes up 37% of methane gases (23 times as warming as CO2)!! The figures given are staggering enough to vote livestock as the most significant contributor to worldwide global warming !

Heads of states together with the UNITED NATIONS have debated and chewed over the critical situation of global warming. Numerous summit meetings have been attended by scientists and environmentalists seeking ways and means to reduce its destructive effects.

In the latest NASA-issued warning : "THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE" god-father of global warming sciences - JAMES HANSEN - said that the world has long passed the 'dangerous level' for greenhouse gases in the atmotsphere and needs to get back to year 1988 levels in order to reverse the course. He had, in that year, brought the matter of global warming to the attention of the US Senate. Other scientists echo his warning that 5 to 10 years' from now, the Arctic will be completely free of ice. Hansen and his friends have been ignored and laughed at by skeptics. BUT now, evidence of what will happen can happen and is too obvious to be disregarded as hogwash!!
For details on this report:
NASA warming scientist: This is the Last Chance

Many people who realise the impact of these findings have made laudable changes to their daily diet. In Europe alone, many are turning to plant-based meals with health, ethics and the conservation of the environ in mind. In the past couple of months, a million and more people in Taiwan have signed up to pledge their support for vegetarianism. These and many others
are coming to terms with the truth behind the rationale of non-killing and that a meatless diet will help reduce their carbon footprint.

To please everyone is a mammoth task. Given the fact that world economies and the livelihood of many will be affected if everyone is to stop eating meat overnight, I must humbly borrow from Al Gore the approriate title to his documentary on Global Warming. "AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" . How apt .... yes, the TRUTH is not always welcome even at the best of times. For many, TRUTH will always be an INCONVENIENCE !!

So, the onus is on you and me ... do we want to continue living a life with no regard for others , animals and human beings alike? If you would take a little time to reflect on this, you may be quite surprise with your own answer.

I wish you well and may heaven's grace and mercy be with you always!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Leading health experts agree that a plant-based diet provides the best nutrition for both adults and children. Nutritional reseachers have, time and again, reminded us that many forms of cancers, coronary heart diseases, diabetes mellitus (Type II diabetes/non-insulin dependent), high blood pressure and chronic obesity can be prevented if we were to change our eating habits.

Meats which were once thought to provide an adult with all he needs for a healthy diet, unfortunately are also packed with saturated fat and cholesterol - two cuplrits which can cause obesity which eventually can lead to clogged arteries and heart attacks !

Milk and its by-products are not as healthy as one would like to believe. The high animal protein in milk causes calcium to actually leach from one's bones thus causing osteoporosis! But the milk industry would have us believe otherwise....... after all, we were told milk is full of calcium and so is great for our bones and teeth.

Eggs are such a versatile food, some would claim. And indeed it is if you take into account it is the most common ingredient in almost every processed food on the shelves of our supermarkets!
There have been debates with regard to its role in our diet... many would prefer to include it as it's easily available and a cheaper alternative to meats. BUT one egg alone contains a mind-boggling 220mg of cholesterol - which, eventually, can clog our arteries and cause cardiovascular diseases.

According to nutritional authorities, those who choose to live on a plant-based diet fare better in terms of health and well-being. Protein-rich sources include whole grains, legumes, brown rice, soy and its by-products (e.g tofu) nuts and seeds. Leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits provide all the vitamins, iron and calcium one needs. On top of it, there is no fear that consuming any of these will have any bad effects on their health. It is no wonder these people have a better sense of well-being and are free from the stress of diseases that often plague those who would eat otherwise. They have a stronger immunity system and are less likely to be stricken with everyday illnesses such as the common cold.

We are not here to offend, discriminate or to judge any one.... our wish is to let as many people learn of the hazards food can cause to one's health and physical well-being.

Everyone of us are free to make choices in life. We owe it to ourselves to make the right choices with regard to our health and eating habits. What we choose today will, invariably, determine the direction life will take us. Be wise and choose with care.....

Bon appetit !!


SOVs (Single Occupancy Vehicles) are not environmenal friendly as they contribute to traffic jams and congestions on the roads. On top of that , they are the cuplrits of green-house gas emission. In view of the recent price hike of petrol, they also burn your pockets and empty your wallets faster than you can say 'Jack-on-a-beanstalk'!

In a bid to save on hard-earned cash and in the process, reduce hazardous green-house gases, road users are looking to 'revive' the carpooling habit. Not too long ago, due to traffic congestion, especially Kuala Lumpur City centre, we were asked to car-pool to help ease the problem. But because of a lack of commitment (due to personal and not-so-personal reasons) the idea sizzled out even before it got started.

Maybe, the drastic increase in petrol is, after all, a blessing in disguise or should I say - a blow to our 'pasar-malam' attitude (where you can get the best bargains)? Whatever, we are now feeling the pinch and are checking out on how we can make our money go further.

During a recent draft plan session at the local DBKL, a consultant recommended that by adopting to carpool, vehicles on the road could be reduced up to 96%. Wow! Will it mean we will see KL turning into 'cowboy towns' - very much like during Raya and Chinese New Year holidays?

A group of carpoolers, calling themselves KUALA LUMPUR Rideshare, have just been formed under the guidance of Eric Lim. From what I gathered, he has gone hi-tech as he has done ample research on the system and plans to do it on a big-scale with help from web-based central monitors. He also said that for the system to work, those who signed up must be rewarded with incentives and premiums. Not a bad move, Eric.... I wish you all the best. Not only will this help commuters save $$$$ but will also be killing two birds with one stone as less cars on the road equals less pollutants in the air.

On a personal note - since the price hike, I have yet to fill up my tank hoping to stretch the last drop of petrol (at old price) to last as long as possible! How kai-su! I have stopped jumping into my WIRA whenever I need to make short trips to the market, which is within walking distance from my house. My friends and I have found a perfect spot for our morning tai-chi sessions which is nearer and I don't have to use the car. Great savings! Now, I dread having to fill her up! Help! Will some genius come up with a cheaper and more affordable alternative to petrol soon?

Meanwhile, why be a lone-ranger driving you SOV when you can have a party???
Happy carpooling!!!

For more on ERIC LIM and his carpooling scheme, you can check it out at here:
The Star

2 Seconds of Empathy

Sally told me, her customer friends, after watching “Meat the Truth”, were upset and agonized by the cruel, inhumane treatment towards our gentle, innocent, helpless animal friends, as shown in the film. However, comes lunch, they beckoned: “Let’s go bak kut teh, or char siew fun!”

“Can you believe that?” She sighed.

Listening to that, I had to chuckle, absolutely not at anything but the irony of humans' capability to shed off their God-given compassion in a twinkling.

How can we not be amused by such indifference? The pain and sympathy they’ve shown just two seconds ago, some with cries of “ouuhh, ouch, eeee…” was instantly traded off for their craving appetite for that piece of flesh, which is otherwise rotten and stinks if not cooked and coated with tonnes of seasoning and flavouring (sorry ah, pardon my bluntness).

The foul, decaying smell is naturally perceived as it is by our sensory system, making us naturally unable to swallow that piece of uncooked flesh, unlike wild, carnivorous animals like lions and tigers.

I said to Sally: “Amazing, isn’t it…? And I have had the same experience.”

We can only watch in amusement or just bear with it... But just maybe, one out of ten who saw the short film, has had the horrible image etched indelibly in his/her mind, or perhaps the immense sufferings and torturous death of our tame and trusting animal friends stroke his/her heart, to at least lessen the intake of meat.

I can only hope you’d be one of them.....

"If a man's aspirations towards a righteous life are serious.. .if he earnestly and sincerely seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food, because, not to mention the excitement of the passions produced by such food, it is plainly immoral, as it requires an act contrary to moral feeling, i. e., killing - and is called forth only by greed." - Leo Tolstoy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


During the recent school-term holidays in May, my sister and her family drove over to the east coast and booked themselves a 3-days/2-nights stay in one of Pulau Redang's lovely beach resort.

After the trip, Meg called me up to say how much they had enjoyed the trip, especially the children - 2 older boys, aged 14 and 12 and a girl of 6. Her hubby, Gilbert liked the laid-back life so much, , he is already planning to retire there in time!!!

Apparently, the resort had taken pains to keep their guests well-entertained with fun-filled activities catered to the likes of both the young and the elderly. There were games and sporting events during the day and bar-b-ques and karaoke sessions at night. The highlight of the trip, she said,was the snorkeling just beneath the surface of the water. Even her little girl Megann took the plunge and joined in the fun ... and fun she did have!

Megann actually sang when she was snorkeling - enamoured by the colourful fishes swimming right pass her nose! She must have imagined herself to be a little mermaid, swimming among such lovely creatures of the sea. By the way, don't ask me how she managed to sing when she was under water but according to Meg, you really can. Hmmm..

One thing Meg told me which made me mighty proud of my two nephews -Gary and Gabriel - was when they ignored all the rules (not advisable, really) and dived into deeper water without the life-jackets provided. Well, they are both quite adept at swimming, so their parents were not worried.

During one of their diving exploits they came up with handfuls of garbage - aluminium cans and plastic bags!!! My sister was aghast when they told her there was more on the sea-bed!!! They asked their mom if they could go back down and try to remove as much of the litter as possible.
Meg, who has always taught her kids to care for the environment, literally chased them back to do just that, with no second thought on their safety!

Gabriel, the younger boy is a young environmentalist in the making. Whenever, he sees litter on the road he would take the trouble to pick it up and diposed of it properly. Perhaps, we adults need to take the cue from him.

Charity begins at home. And how appropriate that we teach our young ones a love for the environment. To instill in them the importance of conservation and preservation of our natural resources. Malaysia has so many beautiful holiday resorts - many of them still pristine and clean.
We must help keep them that way. BUT if we continue to have inconsiderate and 'tidak apa' attitude people who insist on leaving their carbon footprints wherever they go, it won't be long before we will lose all our country's treasures.

Schools nationwide are already helping to create environmental-awareness to our school-going children. But teachers can only do that much. The onus is on us, as parents, to continue where they leave off. We spent more time with our kids and assert a much stronger influence on them.
We have a reponsibility and owe them the time and patience to teach them the right things and the right way of doing things. Lessons they need to grow up with and later, to impart to the next generation.

Before I sign off, kudos to Gary and Gabriel for all that you guys are doing for Mother Earth. I rightly think you both deserve a medal each!! Don't stop ... continue with your good work!!

Hey Meg, I will make Pulau Redang my next holiday destination!!! Any one coming along???

Monday, June 23, 2008

P.Ramlee: the Golden Son of Malaysia

P. Ramlee: the Golden Son of Malaysia (In Malaysian) - kewego

P. Ramlee: the Golden Son of Malaysia disiarkan kpd penonton
sedunia pada 2 April 2008, di Supreme Master Television.

Syabas kpd semua yg terlibat dlm penerbitan ini.
Suatu lagi projek 'Hingga larut malam'...
Great job kpd pengacara kita, penyabar tul orangnya... :)

Selamat menonton!!!

It's an Issue of HUMAN SURVIVAL

President Tong of Kiribati:

Kiribati's highest in our island is about an average of 2 meters above sea level. We may be at the point of no return, where emissions in the atmosphere will carry on to contribute to climate change, to sea level rise to the extent that in time, our small, low island will be submerged. It's not an issue of economic growth; it's an issue of human survival.

For some at this point in time, if the world community, the different countries don't kick the carbon habit, there'll be another country next on the line.

Mr. Achim Steiner (United Nation's Under Secretary General and UN Environment Program Executive Director):

Maybe there are many countries who will not immediately face the prospects of Kiribati, but indeed there are many island nations who are doomed already by now, by the end of this century, to disappear. And that is just the beginning of the visible impact of climatic change. The invisible part, the bits that we have not necessarily understood that are happening around us are also on their way.

Spoken during World Environment Day: Kick the Carbon Habit meeting on June 5th, 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Vegetarianism means different things to different people. Some call themselves vegetarians although they may consume preferred meats viz: chicken or fish.

The word VEGETARIAN comes from the Latin word 'vegetare' which actually means "to enliven" and is also related to another Latin word 'vegetus' meaning "whole, sound, fresh or lively". Therefore, the true meaning of Vegetariaism would rightly mean a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life . To this end, a plant-based diet is necessary for a healthy physical body which in turn will contribute towards a sound mind and moral consciousness.

By and large, Vegetarianism is defined as a practice of living a meatless diet which may or not include the consumption of eggs or diary products.

A question from a friend has prompted me to post the above for reference. I am also posting here a list on the different types of vegetarians as many people are confused why some vegetarians are allowed to take eggs and others will not.

(1) LACTO-OVO VEGETARIAN : Eats both dairy products and eggs
(2) LACTO VEGETARIAN : Eats dairy products but not eggs
(3) OVO VEGETARIAN : Eats eggs but not dairy products
(4) VEGAN : Does not consume eggs, dairy products, honey
or use any animal by-products such as wool, leather, silk, fur
(5) FRUITARIAN : Only eats fruits and raw vegetables.
He/She believes that cooking food destroys the nutrients/enzymes.
(6) PESCATARIAN : Eats fish in addition to vegetables but avoid other meats.

Followers of Buddhism follows a strict vegan diet which also exclude vegetables under the onion, garlic and leek family. The reasons given are - such vegetables are pungent and strong tasting and according to the Buddhist, will "excite the senses". I have also been told that taking these vegetables will foul one's breath and this will attract low-level beings and when reciting the sutras, will drive away the good spirits.

On this note, I must add that many people who, for some personal reason or other, feel uncomfortable using the term VEGETARIANISM. Well, for want of a politically correct word,
I would think "A PLANT-BASED DIET" will sound more appropriate?

Whichever group you may find yourself, let's hope that adopting a plant-based diet will go a long way in promoting good health and protecting our animal friends and the environment.

I hope that this has been helpful and informative. Please share your views and insight with us.

Vegetarian recipes

To all our friends out there who would like to try out plant-based food and don't know how to go about it, here's a dish that will be well-accepted by all Malaysians alike, regardless of religious beliefs and racial status.

Malaysians are really blessed to thrive in a harmonious and multi-racial society - to be able to enjoy the different cultures - not forgetting our scrumptious array of food!!! What better way to enjoy each other's culinary delight than to partake in food that is free from meat that may be taboo to most of us.

I hope you'd like this Indian dish which can be served with rice, roti canai, chapati or naan bread.
It's so versatile !! Hope you like it.

VEGETABLE CURRY (Kerala style)
(serves 4-6 persons)
350g yellow dhal (Malawi) ) Wash dhal and cook in about 1200ml of water with the turmeric
1/2 tsp turmeric powder ) for about 20-30 minutes or until you can mash it soft with the back
) of a wooden spoon. You can lightly mash it or leave them whole. Do
) not pour off the water. Set aside for later.
6-7 okra (ladies fingers) cut into 1" lengths
1 medium size onion, sliced
3 medium size potatos, cubed
2 medium size tomatoes, cut into wedges
2 tbsp tamarind juice (optional)
100g grated coconut
curry leaves (10-12 leaves)
2 tbsp sambar powder (from Malay/Indian grocery shops. It's premixed ground spices)
1 tsp mustard seed (biji sawi)
1 red chilli, cut into short lengths
Salt and oil

(1) Fry the cut ladies fingers in 1 tbsp of oil for 2-3 minutes or until oil is absorbed. This helps to
keep the veg firm. (The Chinese do this by dry-pan frying them for 1-2 minutes to stop
them from becoming goo-ey before cooking). Dish up and keep aside.

(2) Return the cooked dhal to the stove and stir in the potatoes and onion slices and continue
cooking over low heat for 8-10 minutes or until veg are half-cooked.

(3) Add in tomatoes and the pre-fried okra and cook for another 10 minutes or so until all veg
are tender. Add in extra water if too dry. Stir in the tamarind juice (if using) and turn off
heat. Cover to keep hot.

(4) Fry the grated coconut and half the curry leaves in 1 tbsp of oil. Add a little water to the
sambar powder and blend in with the coconut before adding all to the cooked vegetables in

(5) Heat a little oil in pan, add the mustard seeds (biji sawi), remaining curry leaves and the cut
chilli and let them sizzle for a few minutes over low heat. Cove pan otherwise the mustard
seeds will pop out of pan!!! Add this to the pot. Finally, add salt to your taste before

Happy cooking and enjoy your handiwork!!

Vegetarianism in a nutshell

With the current hype on why, adopting a Vegetarian/Vegan diet will help arrest global warming, many people have made a 360 degree turn-around and pledged to change their eating habits for the sake of saving our planet earth from further abuse.

Besides helping the environment there are also many other reasons why others have made this their choice. Uppermost on the list of reasons - is religion such as Buddhism, Hindusim, Jainism, Essenes (during Christ's age) etc. Health is also another reason and so are morals and ethics.

I have here a link that you can go to for more info on the subject. This is from PETA an animal activist group who has been campaigning for the environment and vegetariansim as well.

In my next blog, I will list down the different types of vegetarians and what they would avoid in their daily meals.

Till then, healthy eating !!

Friday, June 20, 2008

All Work No Play Makes a Dull Pencinta Alam

It was the day after the "Kapit Go Green" launch. Flight was postponed.

Soon, we found ourselves trudging deep into a secretive lush rain forest somewhere in a mountain chain in Kapit. We shuffled down the brook. Pebbles laying happily beneath the clear pristine water. We savored every breath of fresh evening air and cooling raindrops that greeted us down at the waterfall. The forest sang along, lulled by the undulating breeze.

Nothing much uttered. Just an occasional "Watch your steps".
It was a silent affair with nature. As we were heading back, a rainbow proudly arched itself over the azure blue.....