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Came across this very interesting 'green' article.... GREEN MUSIC??? Take a listen and find out for yourself...

(Posted by Ronnie Citron-Fink on 23th Sept, 2010)

Green-leaning musicians have been on the forefront of the environmental movement since its inception. From staging benefit concerts, to converting tour buses to biodiesel fuel, to creating solar recording studios, creative eco-conscious musicians have been reducing their impact on the planet.

My son is a musician, and I’ve been trying to infuse eco-friendly elements into the space where he plays music. I find when I design a living space it’s best to go back to green basics – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Music is sound, and it is impossible to avoid sound that is generated from instruments. Since sound is reflected off room surfaces, creating “soft” walls can help reduce the sound. By putting up wall hangings or an insulating wall for sound absorption, you can also prevent reverberation. Recording studios install acoustical foam to provide complete soundproofing. There are a number of eco-friendly commercial options for soundproofing walls that use recycled cotton and wool fibers. Audimute sells eco-friendly soundproofing absorption panels and wall sheets. Check out Care2’s soundproofing tips

My son changes the strings of his many guitars often. Guitar strings are a common sight in our trash. I was so excited to find these ingenious ideas for reusing guitar strings on the EcoMaker website. From hanging family photos to making a cheese slicer, guitar strings can be given new lives. EcoMaker also suggests donating strings to a charity such as, “The Second String Project that gives guitar strings to needy musicians all around the world.”

Recycled old vinyl records can be upcycled into room décor. This clock made from records is a great way to use warped or unusable records. I was recently in Woodstock, NY in a second-hand store with my cousin going through boxes and boxes of old records in search of cool old album covers to create a record album headboard for her teenage son’s room. My homemade CD cover picture frames made from discarded CD cases completed the rock and roll theme.

Ronnie Citron-Fink is a writer and educator. Ronnie regularly writes about sustainable living for online sites and magazines. Along with being the creator of, Ronnie has contributed to numerous books about green home design, DIY, children, and humor. Ronnie lives the Hudson Valley of New York with her family.

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