Friday, October 22, 2010


Yea.... just the other day, at the ECO-FILM FEST 2010 event held on the 16th & 17th October at the main campus of University Malaya, I was trying to get someone to consider take meat off his diet in a bid to reduce his carbon footprint. Although he acknowledges the fact that meat is a very carbon-intensive product, and avoidance of it would see some positive results for the environment, he also said that it was a tough habit to get rid of.

My reply : It would be much easier for anyone to give up meat than for anyone to try to stop the smoking, drinking and gambling habits. In all my life (and I have lived some good many years to date), I have yet to hear of anyone 'going cold turkey' while trying to get rid of the meat eating habit. If anyone of you know any better, please tell me. I sure would like to be proven wrong. Unless, if the person is a blood-sucking vampire! Yikes! I mean, if you have watched any of the famed Dracula movies, you'd know what I mean.... those vampire specimens can really go beserk if they don't get their regular nightly fix!

Someone said once that we will never succeed in anything if we give up before we even have the determination to begin. So we need to give ourselves a chance by at least taking the first step. Incidentally, the young man I spoke to came by our booth to check us out and enjoyed the variety of 100% plant-based food we have laid out for free sampling. And he walked away after that, all in one good piece!

Plant-based food, any takers?

G-R-E-E-N your Diet and Save the Planet!

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