Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 Ways you can help JAPAN

We are all shocked whenever mother nature 'misbehaves' and unleashes her 'fury' on us. The most recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan is a devastating example of how helpless we are in the paths of such uncontrolled disasters....

Here are some ways we can offer help, no matter how small, to alleviate the sufferings and immediate needs of the victims.

Posted by : Emily L on (12/3/2011)

More than 300 people are now confirmed dead after Thursday's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Police expect the death toll to rapidly climb to 1000 or more.

As shocked bystanders across the globe and in neighboring countries, many of us feel helpless with the sight of the photographs and want to do what we can to help. There are many organizations working to relieve Japan's citizens.

Here are five ways you can help the people of Japan from your own home:

1. Donate to IMC - International Medical Corps is mobilizing relief teams and supplies, as well as contacting partners in the area in order to deploy their most effective strategy. They are a group of medical professionals who provide vital health services with a focus on training in order to return devastated populations to self-sufficiency. You can donate online at

2. Donate to Save the Children - Save the Children stands ready to meet the needs of children and families affected by these events. An international emergency team has been dispatched to assist staff in Japan. You can donate to their efforts online at

3. Donate money, supplies or air miles to Operation USA - Los Angeles-based international relief agency OpUSA is preparing for their efforts in Japan, and are asking for monetary donations from individuals. They are also requesting air miles through United Airlines Charity Miles program. If your employer would like to get involved, corporate donations of bulk quantities of disaster-appropriate supplies are also needed. Find out the ways you can donate at

4. Text a donation to the Red Cross - The Red Cross has launched their relief efforts in Japan. You can donate online, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.

5. Donate to Doctors Without Borders - Doctors Without Borders has two three-person teams in Japan attempting to get to the hardest hit areas by helicopter. Another 25 staff will respond once the situation has been assessed. You can find out how to donate by visiting their website

Of course, you can always help by keeping up with what's going on and making sure your friends and loved ones in the area have up-to-date information. Google has a resource site that may provide answers to those in need.

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