Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doubt Of A Young Child

Sometime ago, my going to be six year old daughter asked me that why a lot of people did not love our planet enough to save her. I care freely replied that maybe everyone loved our planet. Just that, many did not know the right way to save her from current perilous state. Then my daughter asked another question; why those people found it so difficult to save the planet the right way. She added that just be a vegan and go green.

Upon hearing that, I was speechless for a while. It's really something out of the mouth of babes and sucklings. I understood why she had such doubt. Every now and then, she heard from adults saying that be environmental friendly and reduced plastic bag usage. On the other hand they would carry out opened burning after raking leaves from their gardens. In a few occasions, she stopped neighbours from burning dried leaves and litter openly. However, her action failed to remind them that they were contributing to global warming which they preached so often but she was offered to keep the litter if they were not allowed to burn it instead!

At this point of time, if people are still thinking of reducing plastic bag usage, recycle some household items every now and then and/ or cut down on some fossil fuel consumption are everything about curbing global warming or being environmental friendly, it's regrettable to say that such activities have no chance to bear result given speed of detrimental results brought upon our earth by greatly lethal gasses such as methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia to name just a few.
Thus, we need to stop those lethal gasses at this very instant in order to curb the perilous situation from deteriorating further by stopping activities which generate such gasses; stop animal farming and be vegan. This is no longer an option but the only solution to climate change problems facing us now which take place in increasing magnitude and multitude.
The most magical part of this solution is that actually it does not require us to give up the whole world to save our beautiful earth but just a tiny little switch of life style from bad to good. Vegan or lacto vegetarian is economical in all aspect especially natural resources consumption; healthy mentally, physically and emotionally; sustainable economy; ...... In brief, the list of benefit we enjoy is endless.
Quite recently, I talked to a friend who had recovered from terminally ill disease. About two or three years ago, she noticed some unusual changes took place. She noticed that she lacked the concentration, focus and alertness that she used to have. Also, her magnificent memory was failing drastically. Then, one mid night, she experienced acute pain on her abdomen, and she also observed unusual seizure.
After consulting numerous doctors, not even one managed to explain to her the health problem facing her, not to mention to strategize a treatment plan. As time went by, she become too frail to keep her job at share market. Then, she did a lot of reading to try to understand her health problem. In the end of the day, she found a simple solution which she firmly believed had saved her life; be veg, high in fiber, low salt and less oil.
If vegan diet can save life with terminally ill disease, it's nutritious enough for everyone. Not only that, it's the right diet and the only diet to save our beautiful earth. As Red Indian has a saying, we do not inherit the earth from our ancestor but borrow her from our children. So, please, make sure we return a beautiful earth to our children.

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