Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vege outlets in Malaysia 马来西亚的素食餐馆

Greetings to ALL !

Just a short update, you may log in to Happy Cow to look for vegetarian outlets in Malaysia. As at to date, there are 459 vegetarian outlets listed here .

Thanks to a group of Malaysians from various states who have been tireless collecting and sending Malaysian vegetarian outlets information to the famous vege website Happy Cow , and thanks to Happy Cow website Team for their assistance and willingness in updating hundreds of records in such a short span of time.

The updating is still ongoing, you are welcome to join in and update more information for the benefit of all. Just click Happy Cow and follow the instruction to submit information that you have. We hope this will help our vegetarian friends from around the world,and will encourage more people to dine at vegetarian outlets.

Thank you so much, to all the ANGELS who have participated in this project.

Cheers !


只想跟大家说一声。。。如果您想要寻找马来西亚的素食餐馆, 只要点击Happy Cow就行了, 截至今天, Happy Cow 马来西亚的部份总共有459个纪录。

感谢一群来自马来西亚各州的朋友们,谢谢他们不畏辛劳的收集和发送马来西亚的素食/有机餐馆/供应商店的资料给著名的素食网站 Happy Cow (快乐的牛?),也感谢Happy Cow 网站的团队那么愿意配合,在很短的时间内更新增加了二百多个资料。

目前该计划仍在进行中,欢迎您也来参与,以便利益大家。 您只须点击Happy Cow,跟着指示填上资料即可。希望这样会方便来自世界各地的素食朋友,也希望这些资料会鼓励更多人选择在素食餐馆用餐。



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