Friday, September 12, 2008


Experts in the medical profession have acknowledged the painful fact that many of our present day so-called lifestyle ailments are caused, not by bacteria and viruses, but by STRESS. How a person manages his daily life with regard to his personal/physical wellbeing, relationships with family and friends, career and business has a lot to do with one's health. Any of these aspects of one's life can result in stress which inadvertently contributes to one's well-being.

So, it is with this in mind that I am sharing with you this TIMELY ADVICE from one of the most successful man that walk this planet.... BILL GATES.... and hope that it will help you take stock of your life as well. Do someone a favour and pass it on...

The Moment you are in Tension
You will lose your Attention
Then you are in total Confusion
And you will feel Irritation
Then you will spoil personal Relation
Ultimately, you won't get Co - Operation
Then you will make things full of Complication
Then your blood pressure may raise Caution
And you may have to take Medication
Instead, try to understand the Situation
And try to think of a Solution
Many problems will be solved by Discussion
This will work out better for your Profession
Don't think it's my free Suggestion
It's only for your Prevention
If you understand my Intention
You will never come again to Tension

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