Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Supreme Master Ching Hai conveys an earnest plea to all WORLD LEADERS to use their mighty power to help protect their peoples and the environment from the present planetary climate change crisis...

The following extracts are from Chapter 4 of Her book titled:
FROM CRISIS TO PEACE... the Organic Vegan way is the Answer.

"I would say to them (the world leaders) to use their mighty power to change the diet of the planet and adopt immediately, new technology, sustainable energy. And set an example by themselves by becoming a vegetarian or vegan."

"The leaders must change themselves also, and then in turn change our social system so that it becomes more free and more spiritual, more morally high because they carry with them this responsibility - it's heavy if they do not act with Heaven's merciful nature and progressive plan, and if they then do not act according to the principle of the universe."

"People are not really well-informed about what's on their plate."

"Many don't realise the harmful emissions of the livestock industry or that killing begets killing, and they are not aware that meat is another kind of additive poison. They are not aware that meat is destroying our planet."

"The governments have to help. Distribute more informtion encouraging more vegetarian diet lifestyle, just bombarding the whole planet with a new energy of compassion and love and health and then everybody will join in. Supportive energy is very important."

"We only have this one home : Earth. If it is destroyed, another one cannot be built, unlike a house, which can be rebuilt, we can't build another Earth if it's destroyed. It's not that easy. Therefore, the most important thing for the government to do is to spread information to the public."

"We have to ban meat. We're banning it now by showing people how to eat, to cook vegetarian. We go all out. This is really for survival. Make it your mission in life to inform people about the danger of eating meat and show them the solution."

"Because if we don't raise anymore cattle or animals then the Earth will be more sustainable: no more greenhouse gas or methane gas from the animals... Then the Earth will recover."

"Because a good leader stops what is bad for the people and facilitates what is good for them. They can facilitate, namely, through public campaigns, using the media, and through schools to inform about the benefits of the healthy, life-saving, planet-saving way of life."

WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.... either we change or we will all go.
"Given this critical necessity, these people who are economically tied to the meat industry would be willing to change if they were properly informed and know how important it is to change their lifestyle and their career. They have many strong motivations. For example, the first is to save the planet from a climate catastrophe, save all lives in this world."

"The thing is, the leaders should know what is a priority...... all the leaders must concentrate on saving our planet and must concentrate on spreading information and making new laws for people to live a more benevolent life."

"And all killing, torturing humans or animals must stop. all deforestation, harming the environment and destroying the trees, all that has to stop and leaders will only bring into law what's beneficial, peaceful, if possible, spiritual as well, for all, like protecting true spiritual groups, the harmless but beneficial groups."

"Share wealth among all : distribute enough food and clothing for needy humans and animals. Building protective areas for all, for humans and animals - protect all lives. Rebuild forests, clean up rivers, lakes, oceans and protect them; award to green and animal care groups. Clear away, clean up alcohol and drugs, meat and animal products. Laboratory tests involving cruelty to animals must stop. Clear away animal-factory farms..... "

"I hope the governments would please make it into law to forbid the killing of animals, to forbid anymore animal livestock raising"

If they are truly the leaders that pledge to protect their people, to improve their country in many aspects, then this is the first step we have to to do.

STOP the meat industry, stop the fish industry, stop the dairy industry. Then our planet will be the way it was and even better."

A HEARTFELT PLEA from The Suprme Master Ching Hai...
'HOW I really want to embrace the leaders and the non-leaders, people of this world and tell them, "Wake up." I want to embrace them and tell them, "Wake up, wake up now. Wake up, my love; wake up my friend, save yourself."


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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I retwit it on my Twiiter
Bob Peters, CA

Greensleeves said...

THANKS, Bob.....

A World Quite Mad said...

Telling people what to do, think, believe, wear and eat is despotism and tyranny.

I know you'll not publish this, but I have to play devil's advocate anyway. Say you get your way and all of a sudden all livestock raising is banned, along with the slaughtering of animals. What happens to all those animals? Do you think that ranchers keep them out of the goodness of their hearts? No, they keep them for food. When that raison d'etre is gone, what will they do with them? Kill them because they won't be able to afford to feed them. And for what? Not for food since that will be illegal in your world.

Do you know what agriculture has done to this planet? Do you know what Monsanto is doing to it with their genetically modified crops? How many field mice and other small rodents are killed when harvesting crops? Or killed because they are pests? Is a cow's life worth more than a mouse's? Agriculture ruins the soil, even when pesticides aren't used. Look at the ancient Sumerians! They settled down from a hunter-gather lifestyle and within a few generations the soil that had previously been great was so poor they could no longer grow anything. It is a desert there now.

That is why you are wrong. Wrong on so many levels. There's something called a food chain. When you get lions in Africa to stop eating meat, then I tell you what, I'll stop eating meat too. We evolved to eat meat, a diet high in saturated fat is what allowed us to develop bigger brains and is what put us at the top of the food chain.

Life requires death. It is part of nature. To deny our place in nature is what put us into the mess we are in now.

You want to be vegan. That's fantastic. More power to you. But don't tell me that I have to be. You want to be healthy and save the planet? Go Paleo.

Greensleeves said...

Yes... I do agree that we are living in a World that's gone quite mad...

I don't believe in telling people what they should do or how they should live their lives BUT we are bonded together in one way or another in this crazy business of 'survival for fittest".

And that 'rational' has made us (humans with bigger brains, as you put it) so irrational into thinking that "what I do is my business and no one's else's".

Our early forefathers tilled their lands for the growing of crops and yes, they eventually worn out the fertility of arable land for further use. How did that happen? I suppose it was because they didn't have the modern technology that we have now.... how to revive the arability of soil that is no longer fertile. It is now common knowledge that with composting, the use of non-chemical laden fertilsers and the growth rotation of crops, we can still live off the land.

Those of us who continue to use chemical commercial fertlisers and pesticides are the ones to be blamed as much as the manufacturers. If there is no or even less demand for these harmful items, Mosanto and others will have to go for alternatives which are less detrimental harm to the environment.

No, I don't think even if there are Vegan laws and policies to stop the killing and consuming of meats, that it will happen overnight. It will definitely have to be a gradual thing, a slow and tedious trip for all concerned .... the livestock industry and all those who are now dependent on the meat business...which will slowly but surely pave the way for all.

Livestock farmers can turn their existing land into agricultural farms and grow crops. And to do this environmentally right, they need to go for orgainc farming in a big way too. As for their existing livestock..... they should be given enough time to trade them off before the transition to farming crops. That way, we hope no one will end up on the losing end.

The lions and tigers were created to eat meat.... check out their aimentary system and we will see that meat is their normal diet as opposed to that of the cows, elephants, horses and men. And besides, we don't get lions and tigers and other meat eating animals running commercial livestock farming anywhere, do we?

Personally, I love being a Vegan....and I still regard those who don't with respect and appreciate how they feel about it.