Saturday, June 25, 2011

PLEASE WAKE UP! .... A Poignant Plea

The following is a passionate plea by The Supreme Master Ching Hai, author of the book "FROM CRISIS TO PEACE... The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer". With unwavering determination, she devotes her time and resources to awakening the world to the disastrous impact of climate change and to the vegan solution.

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O, world, wake up and behold
Rivers and mountains are in tumult
Burnt forests, eroded hills, desiccated streams
Whither do the poor souls go in the end?

O, great Earth, lessened be your agony
For these tears to wane with the persistent night.
O, seas and lakes, cease not your melodies
Allowing hope for a morrow among humanity...

O, sentient beings, have respite in the realm beyond
Though you departed without any utterance.
Let the throbbing of my heart abate
While I await Earthlings' timely repentance.

O, deep forests, preserve your true selves
Protect thhe human race in their moments of erring.
Please accept my heartfelt thousand teardrops
To nurture your majestic trees, leaves and roots.

O, heart, relent your sobbing
For my soul to rest in long nights,
Tears dried up and I'm wordless
Weeping in sympathy for the tormented!

O, night, please kindle your source of light
Shine the way for those human souls in darkness
Be serene for my mind to be still
And enter emptiness with the miraculous celestial melody.

O, day, stir not in sudden unrests
For peace to repose in our very hearts
For humankind's stuggles to subside
For the true Self to gloriously shine!

O, heart of mine, lament no longer
Like an insect writhing in the chilling winter.
Calmly wait for a perfect tomorrow
And the day the world turns into Paradise.

O, I cry, I plead, I pray, I beg!
O, infinite Buddhas,
Bodhisattvas, angels
Deliver souls straying from the True Path
Wandering in the endless cycle of suffering migration.

O, brother, wake up at once!
Proudly walk on great seas and rivers
Look straight at the flaming sun
And vow sacrifice to save all beings.

O. sister, wake up this instant!
Arise from places of devastation
Together let's renew our planet
For all to sing joyous songs of oneness

Author : The Supreme Master Ching Hai


Anonymous said...

This is very inspiring work you have created for us. Some people need to know that these things can ensue to anyone. You have shown me a better view now.

Greensleeves said...

Thank you for your encouraging support. Let's pray and hope that more people will be enlightened to what's really going on around us and wake up to the fact that we are indeed at the brim of a global crisis!

WAKE UP! Let's take immediate actions to help save our beloved Planet! It's not too late yet!