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"FROM CRISIS TO PEACE.... The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer" reflects The Supreme Master Ching Hai's deep concern for our environment. In Chapter 3 of the book, She conveys the adverse ecological damages to Earth's natural resources and the heavy costs of meat production...and calls for all responsible parties to take a stand and SOS our Planet Earth before it is too late...

"The livestock sector is the single largest human use of land and the top driving force behind rainforest destruction."

"Deforestation is also largely driven by meat production. With the United Nations estimating that deforestation accounts for approximately 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, nearly all deforestation itself is related to meat production."

"Eighty percent of cleared Amazon forest is designated as a cattle grazing area to prepare the animals for slaughter, and the remainder is planted with soy crops used also largely for animal feed."

"A rainforest area the size of a football field is destroyed every second to produce just 250 hamburgers."

"We are losing 55 square meters of rainforest for every beef hamburger patty."

"Forests play a tremendous role in absorbing CO2.... Trees attract rain, keep the soil, and stop erosion...."

"We have to ban deforestation, and we have to plant more trees, of course. Wherever there's erosion or empty land we have to plant more trees."

"We must reconsider our agricultural practices and how we manage our water resources, with agriculture and livestock accounting for 70% of fresh water use and up to 80% of deforestation."
- Ban Ki-moon , United Nations

"While 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, we waste 3.8 trillion tons of precious clean water each year for livestock production."

"One serving of BEEF uses over 1,200 gallons of water
One serving of CHICKEN uses 330 gallons of water
One complete VEGAN meal with TOFU, RICE and VEGETABLES uses only 98 gallons of H2O"

"To produce one pound of beef, it takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. If all these costs were reflected in the price of the product, without subsidies, the least expensive hamburger in the US would cost US$35." - John Robbins

"If everyone ate a plant-based diet, there would be enough food to satisfy 10 billion people."

"Ninety percent of all soy, 80% of all corn and 70% of all grain grown in the United States are fed to fatten livestock, while this could feed at least 800 million hungry people."

"Every 5 seconds, a child dies of hunger."

The Cost of Climate Change :

"European Commission study estimates climate change could cost up to US$74 trillion. One meter sea level rise would increase storm property damaged by US$1.5 trillion."

**Cardiovascular Disease has cost $503.2 billion in the US in 2010
**Cancer treatment costs $6.5 billion in the US per year
**Diabetes treatment costs $174 billion in the US per year
**Individual treatment of being overweight costs $93 billion in the US per year.

"Global adoption of the Vegan diet could wipe 80% (US$32 trillion) off the estimated US$40 trillion cost of mitigating climate change by 2050."

"So, with the vegan diet, we eat what's best for our health, for the animals, for the environment, and nature will do the rest to restore the balance and save our world."
- The Supreme Master Ching Hai

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