Saturday, November 15, 2008

Health and Eco Friendly Fair and Camp (Penang)


我们将在这年底举办2项活动(27日- 28, 12月 2008)。这2项活动主要是向社会人士宣导自然和健康给予教育和健康咨询。附函2张关于为您的参考。





These are the two events that we organised on end of this year (27th to 28th December 2008). Our objective is to educate and give awareness to the public about our nature and health. Attached herewith the two fylers for your reference.

We invited the founder of eco enzyme Dr. Rosukon to hold a forum regarding to environmental and how eco enzyme could help to reduce global warming. We are also invited other profession to share their knowledge on health and environmental.

Hence, we invite you and your family join us on this event.

We are looking for sponsors and supportors to make this event a success, we will be very appreciated if you could contribute in any form or aspect.

Thank you.


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