Friday, November 7, 2008

Vegan food helps save Planet Earth

"You're sure this is not real mutton?" enquired Aisha, wide-eyed with disbelief!

Like many others who stopped by our food stall for a free sampling of our vegan fare over last weekend's ECO-Film Fest held at ASWARA in Kuala Lumpur, Aisah just could not believe that she was eating a meal that was totally free of animal products.

In line with Eco-Knights'(the official organiser of the ECO-Film Fest)aim to help highlight and educate Malaysians in environmental awareness and preservation, a group of my friends put our heads together and came out with something worthwhile to share with the public.

My co-blogger PENCINTA ALAM posted useful info with regard to the Fest and also announced that we were putting up a booth as part of our participation in the event.
We gave out SOS flyers and also the SOS Planet Earth DVDs plus a few other relevant items to let people know that one of the main concerns facing climatic scientists and researchers is : The meat diet is killing Mother Earth and depleting the Planet's precious resources!

You will be surprised to find that not many people are aware of this fact! All they know in helping to curb global warming is to "Go Green" and that would mean only the THREE R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Full Stop!!

So, when we showed them evidence that a meat-free diet is and can be the fastest and surest way to mitigate the current onslaughts of climatic changes, they go : "Huh? How so?"

Changing our eating habits is another way of "Going Green" in more ways than one! In our previous postings, we have put down enough proofs, reasons and pointers on this subject and so, I would not dwell on it any further.

Back to Aisha and her sampling of our vegan mutton rendang with capati. In the course of our conversation, she said that she is allergic to meat. Hah! That is a big problem... especially when meat is toted as a 'must-have' on your dining table!
She had a tough time accepting the fact that she would never taste finger-lickin' good KFC, McBurgers, beef and mutton and fish dishes if she is to avoid getting 'killed' by all these meat meals. So, imagined her delight when she sampled our vegan food ... which we subsituted real meat with soy-made products which ( when cooked according to how you would normally prepare your food using meat)turned out just like the real thing. Aisah came back the very next day and tried out more of our food and she pestered us for more info on how and where she can buy such substitute meats for her kitchen. Her kids love the vegan food too and she will now have an alternative to cooking dishes she so loved but was unable to partake before!
On top of that, she will also be one step closer to saving Mother Earth from global warming! How about that? And all because of a soy-made mutton rendang and good old capatis!

Aisha was not the only friend we made during the Fest. We had many others dropping by our indoor booths and the food stall. In our small effort to help bring awareness to them, we hope that they will not just go back home and not do something positive about what they have learned from us as well as the from our co-exhibitors who were there for the same motive.

If you love yourself, your family and good old Mother Earth... take one more step to help save her.... Be Veg ! Go Green!

And just in case you think vegan food is not balanced in nutrition, a timely VEGAN FOOD PYRAMID is posted here for your reference.

God bless!

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