Thursday, February 26, 2009

A contest for all University and college students to win 1500 Euros by going GREEN


Dear Students,

RE: A Contest for All University and College Students to win 1500 Euros by Going Green

Welcome to the Green Planet Awards (, which raises awareness about the critical situation the environment is currently in, & human actions which influence climate change.

We will be holding a competition with 1500 Euros as the first prize **, which goes to the student that invites the most friends to the social networking website and informs them of the eco eating message that is available on the website. For more information please visit green2cool.

What you eat affects the environment far more than what car you drive! Excessive meat eating damages your health & contributes more to global warming than total worldwide transportation combined! * Therefore, the theme for this year’s award is ECO EATING.

How can you participate? Join the social network TODAY

Tips for using social network

1. Sign up here:
2. Create a compelling profile highlighting the message from here: . We encourage people to use their own picture for their profile, as this helps to create a more personal touch to the message.
3. Upload videos and pictures about the eco-message
4. Invite as many friends as you can by email
5. Invite friends from facebook etc
6. Spread the word however you can by inviting people to view your cool profile and become your friend.
7. Add links to your profile from other web sites on the internet.

Green2Cool team

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Farith Rezza said...

Thanks..this is way cool!