Thursday, February 5, 2009

The impact of meat production & consumption on climate change III


We are seeing severe drought with cracking lands, followed by massive flooding and destruction of agricultural products and other properties in an unprecedented scale.and every day, 30,000 children in the world die from diseases linked to water. (1)

70% of all water goes to producing food(3) and livestock is among the largest sectoral source of water pollution and responsible for 64% of ammonia emissions, which contribute to acid rain.
One factory farm creates more water pollution than the city of Houston, Texas.(4)

4664 liters of water to produce 1serving of beef but entire vegan meal need only 371 liters water.(5) Scientists have calculated that we would actually save more water by forgoing one pound of beef, or four hamburgers, than by not showering for at least six months (6)

"Yes. And a vegetarian diet will stop 80% of global warming, stop all the cruelty, beginning on our plate. Generating loving, kind energy around the world, stop water shortage and water pollution, stop food shortages, stop world hunger and war, prevent deadly diseases, save enormous tax and medical bills to build a better world, and support new useful inventions and good people's organizations."
- An Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio -July 29, 2008 - USA (7)

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