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Was going through some online news on the environment and came across this very encouraging article from the Borneo Bulletin. Not only do we have kindergarten children taking up arms against global warming, now we have leaders in the religious sectors voicing their concern too.

Take a listen and see what the Imams in Brunei has to say.....

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By Azlan Othman

The current climate change that threatens our existence which mankind must confront decisively was brought to the fore by the religious authorities yesterday.
Highlighting the cost of climate change, Imams in a Friday sermon said Ummah should be more aware of how to protect the environment and not to resort to destruct and pollute it.

The environment we live in is fragile and needs constant care instead of the heaps of abuse we, man pile on it.

The Imams stressed that Allah dislikes those who bring catastrophe to the world led by irresponsible people who needlessly chop down trees causing industrial pollution, widespread burning of fossil fuels, emission of greenhouse gases, encroachment, fish bombing, oil spillage and indiscriminate dumping of industrial waste.

The drastic rise in sea pollution through plastic dumping has reached an alarming level where marine life is threatened. Studies have shown that 30,000 marine animals were suffocated, trapped while entangled or stuck in fishing equipment that finally killed them.

At least 77 metric tonnes of plastic-based waste have been dumped annually by the shipping industry, while commercial fishing has left 135 million kilogrammes of plastic-based fishing gear and dumped 24 millions of plastic waste to the sea.

This means that the sea, which balances the global climate and protects mankind from change, has become a dumping ground and also experiencing a rise in earth temperature due to the modernisation process.

If such destruction to the earth continues, it would set off the alarm and bring changes to the world where the world temperature would rise from 1.1 degree Celsius to 6.4 degrees Celsius between 1990 to 2100.

If we allow this to happen, the world would become too hot within a century and pose danger and will be deemed unsafe for humans. Global climate change relates to many catastrophes like melting ice in the Antarctic, rise in sea levels, big floods and the disappearance of smaller islands.

Tropical countries would also experience extraordinary heavy rainfall with dry soil due to rapid water absorption. Plants and livestock will also be affected, threatening food security in some countries.

Those residing near the coastline and the supporting infrastructure like buildings, houses, roads, ports and treatment plants would also be affected. They might also experience floods or big storms.

On flat land, coastline would erode. Climate change would also affect the natural ecosystem, food supply, agriculture, transportation, and water and energy usage.

To tackle climate change, Brunei through the Marine Department has implemented the international maritime convention and continues to review regulations on the disposal of rubbish from ships and storage of oil from modified tankers.

We must note that humans perpetrate every catastrophe. Hence to mark the world maritime day, which will be celebrated on November 9, let us play a role in conserving the environment from destruction and pollution for us to enjoy healthy, cleaner earth in a prosperous life for years to come.


Blogger's Note :

KUDOS to these Imams for pointing us to the right direction in our endeavor to help save Mother Earth. I hope they will go a step further and be aware that
adopting a plant-based diet is the most effective and fastest way to go about achieving our objective.

May God bless those of us who still love Planet Earth enough to care for her well-being.

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