Friday, August 15, 2008

Recycling Centre in Bandar Sri Damansara


Here's the directions to the recycling centre in Bandar Sri Damansara.

(Note: For folks in KL/PJ, here's a recycling center that takes in not just regular plastic bottles and aluminium cans but others as well.)

Directions from Kepong/LDP Toll:
1. Take the 1st left after the toll into Bandar Sri Damansara & go up the road to the end
2. At the T-junction traffic lights, turn right
3. Go straight till u come to the next traffic lights
4. Keep left & bypass the traffic lights
5. Take the 1st left after the traffic lights
6. Go up the road & pass one road hump
7. Immediately after the Shell station on yr left is BSD police stn
8. Right next to the police stn is the recycling centre

Some weeks back, I passed the centre & I stopped to read the signage. I noticed that the place was all locked up. The signage read
"Bring yr recyclable items between 9am & 12noon every 4th Sunday of the month"

So it is not left open like before. Let me give u the directions from Manjalara as well...

Directions from Bdr Manjalara:
1. Exit Bdr Manjalara onto the Kepong - Sungei Buloh highway
2. Take the flyover to Sungei Buloh (bypassing the exit to Bdr Sri Damansara SD1-5)
3. Take the 1st left exit after the flyover into Bdr Sri Damansara SD6-10 (about 200metres after the flyover)
4. Follow the slip road as it turns sharply to the left
(the road is pretty bad so pls go slow)
5. Keep right & head towards the traffic lights but stay on the left lane at the traffic lights
6. At the traffic lights take a right & take the 1st left
7. That is already the road that will bring u to the Shell stn, police stn & recycling centre

I hope my directions are helpful & that u will be able to visit the recycling centre sometime.

Take care & have a Terrific weekend !

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Hi, thanks JF, this certainly helps !