Monday, August 4, 2008


A significant size of the Canadian Arctic ice shelf broke off late last month and added to the urgency of how quickly we need to tackle the seemingly unstoppable trend of worldwide global warming.

My friends who read about this bit of news, blamed the current hot and humid weather to the melting of the ice plain. They could be right as far as climatic changes are concerned as what affects the ice caps has untold consequences on the planet as a whole. Lest we forget, the ARCTIC Ice Caps are there for a purpose... to reflect 80% of the sun's heat thus stabilizing ocean temperatures. The ocean are liable to absorb all the solar heat in the absence of the ice caps. This will result in the oceans warming up and - I will leave you to imagine the consequences....

Closer to home, the probable reasons why we are experiencing hotter and drier days are the emergence of hotspots in nearby Sumatra. The local tabloids reported the presence of more than 500 of these culprits last week. Along with this annual malady, a 40-hectares of peat forest was burning up near to our Kuala Lumpur International Airport- courtesy of irresponsible developers who were carrying out open burning!!

At the time of posting, half of the hotspots in Sumatra have shrank, thanks to more moisture in the air and a good sign that rain will follow. Hopefully, heaven will pour and douse them for good. As for the no-gooders who unashamedly contribute to global warming with their open-burnings, may the authorities come down hard on them and give them what they deserve! If they can't think of anything to deter these brainless specimens, I can think of one good way which should send them to where they rightly belong !!

Malaysian ought to be ashamed of ourselves for pointing accusing fingers at others for the part we play towards climatic deterioration. Yes, it's easier to put the blame on others when we are as guilty as sin ourselves! SHAME !

I still believe that Charity begins at home and each one of us has a responsiblity towards our neighbours and the world at large in regard to making this planet a better and cleaner place to stay. We owe it to ourselves, our families, human and animal friends and fellow citizens of planet earth. We need to be kind and care for each other in ways we know that are good for one and all....

I wish you happier days ahead.

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