Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shortage of Food in the World?

The more meat we eat,the more crop are needed to feed the animals

-More than 70% of the cereal crop produced in developed countries is fed to animals raised for food.1

-At least 80% of the world’s soybean crop and more than 50% of all corn go to global livestock.1

-Meat is the most resource-costly form of food because livestock
waste most of the energy and protein value of their feed in digestion
and bodily maintenance. Cattle convert only 6% of their energy
intake (mainly grains & soya) into flesh, the remaining 94% is
wasted as heat, movement, etc. 2

And more:
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Lagi banyak daging kita makan, lagi banyak tanaman yg diperlukan utk menyuap haiwan

-Lebih drpd 70% tanaman bijirin yg dihasilkan di negara-negara membangun diberi sbg makanan kpd haiwan yg diternak sbg makanan manusia. 1

-Sekurang-kurangnya 80% tanaman soya di dunia dan lebih 50% drpd semua jagung, diberi kpd haiwan ternakan sedunia. 1

-Daging merupakan makanan yg paling byk menggunakan sumber kerana haiwan ternakan membazirkan kebanyakan tenaga dan nilai protein drpd makanan mrk, melalui pencernaan makanan dan pemeliharaan badan mereka. Lembu mengubah hanya 6% drpd pengambilan tenaga mrk (kebanyakannya bijirin dan soya) menjadi daging, baki 94% dibazirkan melalui haba dan pergerakan badan, dll. 2

Dan lebih (dalam bhs Inggeris):
1) http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/
2) http://www.flex.com/~jai/articles/101.html


Anonymous said...

This is not something new. But after reading, we tend to forget so easily, (I mean "I" tend to forget), I sure need somebody to keep reminding me to do my part. Thks !

save earth said...

I hope you will slowly become vegetarian because vegetarian is the solution to stop global warming by 80%. The more people become vegetarian, the more we gain time to rescue Earth. This is because other planets, higher in technology for example, UFO and planet with higher spirituality, they lead a life-loving diet, vegetarian diet. Where else those higher planet or higher heaven they don't eat. UFO has come to earth to do research or experiment but they do not dare to connect us because of the killing energy. They will connect us after earth people turn to a vegetarian diet. Because only vegetarian can create a peaceful atmosphere. I am writing this because of earth currently is having a global warming. Only vegetarian can solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I am not sure of the UFO stuff, nevertheless some friends who are into this think it's possible, really ??? I am for the veg option, will do it whenever I can, to a certain extend I do agree it needs a higher level of consciousness to understand and to look into things like environment, animal suffering, all these need a more sensitive heart & a far-sighted mind comparing to doing charity work.

Of course it's always appreciated to those opt just for charity work, it's just different kind of understanding.

saveearth said...

Really! UFO beings follow a plant-based diet living. The UFO, extraterrestrials, if given meat, they will died because meat to them its a poisonous food & they could not take these things anymore.

I'm glad that you're for the veg option whenever you can. Maybe later you will stick to it & have more understanding of vegetarianism. This is for your own good & you will be awakening your own great compassionate,
loving self-nature. And your level of consciousness will rise up automatically & you will understand more than you ever did & be closer to Heaven than you are right now.

To give you a more understanding & share a little knowledge.....
I think you already know all the scientific reason of meat harmless thru this blog.

Actually, disaster/climate change/global warming that happening now & more serous now is due to human unkindness
to the co-inhabitants that is animals & environment & we have been doing it for thousands of years. Killing animal
/meat eating has caused bad retribution & is the root caused of global warming. Because of bad karma, as you sow, so shall you reap. That's the price we have to pay for what we have done to the innocent who have done us no harm,
who also the children of God, who have been sent to Earth to help us & to cheer our days. Because of language barrier & busy in life, we do not understand animals but once we know, we will never look at the animals the same way as we did before.

Animals are just the same as us but just in different form & shape. They are more spiritual, very beautiful, so simple & so pure. Because they live very naturally, easy with the natural provision, don't worry too much about tomorrow, they eat, just do whatever is there & then go to sleep, so they are more blessed & mostly connected with God at all times. We, humans always forever hoarding, keeping things & worrying about tomorrow. So, we are blocked of so many hidden abilities & powers.

At any time, animals can connect with God. That's why they know a lot of things & can see things we don't even see.They sense things that we don't sense. They have intuition that we can only dream of. Their faculties are much, oh..
multiple time sharper than ours. Yet the humans look down upon animals, thinking they're bad, stupid & all that. It's we who are stupid. They could laugh at us sometimes, Ha-ha-ha-ha. Animals are actually our protector and
angel in disguise.

If animals are abused & badly treated, then they will be in a higher heaven. But human who have done all this will pay terribly & cause them to lose spiritual merit because of killing animals/meat eating. But if human change, then
all shall be forgiven. So that's is why we're trying our best to awaken your real knowledge.

Disaster will cease if the world were to go 100% vegetarian & Earth will become Eden again. Things will be more lushful, abundant, food will be enough, people will feel happy, respectful of trees, plants, natures & understand
that all co-inhabitants, animal alike, are equal. Heaven will smile on humans & good wishes will be fulfilled. Animals will also stop eating meat because the atmosphere/magnetic field of the co-inhabitants have change for the better.

That is a kind of Eden if all of the humans in this planet are vegetarian. vegetarian is not religious but a moral code as a human being.