Saturday, October 25, 2008

ECO FILM FEST by EcoKnights

Not to be missed!!! Admission is FREE!

Eco Film Fest 2008
@ Akademi Seni Budaya & Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA)

Sat & Sun
Nov 1st & 2nd 2008
10am - 7pm

Catch Malaysian's budding and aspiring talents in film making, comprising university and college students in Malaysia's first of its kind, environmental film competition.

Films on the current state of environment in Malaysia, from disastrous effect of global warming to human health to policies to sustainable development, will be featured in tandem with this year's theme, "Climate Change - A Call for Action"

Drop by at
-Artist' Escape where well known and entertaining local artists will be serenading /or pumping you up with their latest;
-Ecolicious, treat yourself with mouth-watering organic food & drinks
-Greenscape where you can shop till you drop with a wide range of household green gadgets
-Ecobiz: Explore green technology and services

Also catch ASWARA's best performances at "Tapestry - Rakyat Malaysia",
and make sure you stop by at Supreme Master Television's corner in the main exhibition hall, and for the screening of our SOS-Save our Planet DVD.

See you there! :)

ECO FILM FEST is organized by EcoKnights


Farith Rezza said...

Hey i'm going to this Eco Film Fest later on. Will check out your space surely, itu pun kalau x sesat ke Aswara ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi farith :)

Did we miss you at Eco Film Fest?
Dapat tak free sample vegan food dan goodie bag kito rang? Ada sikit resipi mudah yg sedap kat dalam booklet SOS....

Farith Rezza said...

Hi there. Yeah I went to your booth, got your goodie bag but x sempat nk try vegan food ;( Sempat berbual dgn Mr. Ronnie and I gave him PETA's Chew On This DVD ;D

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the DVD. Tak pe... there'll be more tasty vegan food sampling in future. Will keep you posted :)

Greensleeves said...

Too bad you missed out on the free sampling of our vegan food, Farith.
The food was to die for! Honest.

Those that came by on the 1st day loved the offerings so much that they came back the following day for another round of our eco-friendly food!
On our list of mouth-watering fare we had : sushi, mutton rendang with capati, seaweed yam rolls, sausage kebabs, sardine sandwiches, savoury glutinous rice, braised ginger mutton with rice, claypot chicken rice, and also yummy desserts such as sinfully rich chocolate cupcakes, potato pie, tarts, curry puffs, banana cake and down to earth corn on the cob! And of course, all the 'meat' stuff were replaced by soy-made products ...and the cakes and tarts were all eggless and dairy free!

We had people, mostly young ones who said that they really couldn't tell the difference if they were not told they were eating 'meatless' food.

And all thanks to our team of wonderful cooks who made this outing an eco-licious success! All the hard work put in was worth the while as we are sure those that had enjoyed the food will now seriously consider changing their eating habits to a more environmental friendly one.

Be veg, Go green and SOS Planet Earth!

Farith Rezza said...

Wow.. really i shouldn't have missed it ;( Let me know if you guys having another event k. Want to learn the recipes ofcoz.