Friday, December 26, 2008

ALL CREATURES - Great and small

I did the sanest thing I could possibly do since I don't remember when, a couple of weeks ago. That is - feeding a lttle squirrel who drops by searching for food around the neighbourhood.

I had noticed it for quite awhile, scampering in the vicinity of my home and had wondered what it was feeding on as there are not that many fruit trees around. Oh well, maybe a couple of papaya and guava trees. He is a fine looking chap - always sharp and quick for any danger that may lurk nearby. Any untoward noise or movement would send him scuttling away as fast as his little legs could carry him.

One day, I decided to see if he would come and feed at my garden. Some groundnuts (in their shells) and a green apple I left out went unnoticed for 3 full days. I was a little disappointed and was about to resign myself to forgetting about him when, to my happy surprise, he came and took a big chunk off the apple! Elated with this, I told a friend and he laughed and told me to try something sweeter and forget about the nuts. Oh... wasn't squirrels supposed to love nuts? That's what they love in all the cartoon shows I have seen so far! Maybe these are different since they are Malaysian squirrels? But whatever, I put out more stuff to tempt its appetite.

Half a carrot was totally ignored. The green apple was well liked. Something sweeter meant putting out a red apple this time and YES!! The little rascal loved it! My friend even helped gave it a name - SQI. So, now it has an identity... not just an 'it' anymore. My very own squirrel !

I have not been able to go near him when he visits as he is still shy and wary of humans. My friend mentioned that squirrels have beautiful eyes.. hmmm... interesting and I wonder what I will see if I ever do get close enough for him to let me look deep into them.

A few days after Sqi's visit, I saw a bird pecking at his apple. A beautiful handsome fellow. Not a robin or a sparrow but my bird expert friend is quite sure
that it could be from the merbok family given the description I provided. It came by almost everyday mostly in the evenings close to sundown. Sqi comes in the mornings when it is still cool and not so sunny. I have to make sure there is a fresh red apple for them when they come. Then a couple of days later, a mynah bird came and have a go at the apple! Oh wow1 This is more than I have asked for! But then, the more the merrier and soon I will have a zoo in my house! That would be something to tell, won't it?

I am not so sure though if the monkey (used to hang around some time back) decides to drop by one of these days. He would be too much for me to handle. Anyhow, as long as he just come for the food and not get into mischief, I suppose it's no harm to have him join in the fun.

Just this morning, I saw Sqi with a companion. I am very sure it must be his lady love and I already have a name for her .. Sqmi, courtesy of my friend who named Sqi.

Another friend told me that squirrels love honey water.... I have yet to try that. I will soon. Meanwhile, I thank God for all creatures great and small who come into our lives and bring little moments of joy into this crazy world of ours.

If you want to keep sane and true to yourself... try feeding a squirrel or a bird.

P.S. Anyone out there who would do the honour of naming the birds?
Please do so... I would appreciate that!

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