Friday, December 26, 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all!! Though belated, good wishes are always welcomed and so I believe.

It's the time of year when we tend to get into a relective mood and mull over what's done and what still needs to be done. Some of us will be busy checking and tallying to see if they have been faithful to the resolutions made for the year. And congratulations to you if you managed to have seen all of them through. You can gloat and wallow in satifaction and pride while the rest of us heaved another sigh of : "Oh well, next year perhaps, we will do better".

Honestly, I have given up on making year-end resolutions a long time ago. I hardly can boast that I am the sort to see them through. When I was younger and had to fight off puppy fat... top on the list was to go on a diet and die for that dream figure! Second to that was to live within my budget and save up all my hard earned money. And you guessed right... I failed miserably and on both counts. So I had to be contented then to go round wearing baggy dresses (thank God.. the "tent" look was in then!) and also to go without my favourite hobby (ugh!) - shopping!!

But I have mellowed somewhat through the years.... a dream figure and money in the bank are far from my mind these days. Oh, of course it will be nice to have a comfortable nest egg hidden away from view and handy for that rainy day! But then again..what's important is not how we live our lives as to how well we live it given all the circumstances that come along. God never promised us sunny days all the time and we have to deal with the cloudy ones as well as the storms that visit us every now and then.

Sometimes, I sit back and look at all the people I know... my neighbors, family members, associates and friends.. and I wonder what goes on in their lives. Each have their own set of values in life. Interestingly enough, we may not be aware of this but we all have something we are living for. If you were to ask point blank this question : "What do you want out of life?" - you'd probably get lots of different responses. Too many to list down here so just stop and think for awhile... for yourself. What do you want out of life? Wealth, fame, love, happiness, peace, sense of well-being, health, knowledge, etc.

Not too long ago, I visited a friend's ailing father. He had lost his sight for a good many years and now spend his waking hours propped up in a lazy-chair as he is also not mobile due to a bad back. He is a fine specimen of a man... and I can see that he has been a virile, physically fit person with his own set of values for life. A man of principles and a good family provider. He has very strong hands and I could feel their warmth when I clasped them with mine. He reminded me of my dad - a man of few words but nevertheless, a true gentleman! In his sightless world... I wonder if he now lives through his days remembering the past... both the happy and not so happy memories that he was once a part of. I am sure he does because that's probably all he has to hold on to now. My heart goes out to him and I often think of him and send a silent prayer to bless him with peace of mind and heart as he lives out the days still ahead of him. It's not easy to see old people left to live out their lives just waiting for the sun to set on them. Especially when they are ailing and dependable on others for their needs.

To those of us who are lucky to have sound minds and bodies... take good care and appreciate the blessings that come our way. Thank God for this beautiful world and everything good it has in store for us. Take time to enjoy the natural wonders around us; to appreciate the people who love and care for us; to protect and love those creatures who are defenseless against man's greed and intentions; to live a life that is the least harmful to others and Mother Earth. Let's live and let live so that all may live... in love, peace and harmony. Life may not be what you expect it to be but if you look carefully, there's always a rainbow after the rain... look for it and find your pot of gold.

I wish you well and may the New Year bring you lots of happy laughter,opportunites,
achievements and successes. Live well, good health, eat green and sleep well at nights too!


Be Veg! Go green! Save planet earth!

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