Friday, July 18, 2008

GLOBAL WARMING - America's final meltdown?

Just after posting SIX DEGREES, a news article caught my eye which I would like to share with all as it has reference to Mark Lynas' global temperature on the rise in his book.

A 284-page report released on 17th July, 2008 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that " every region of the country (U.S.) will suffer worse health from heat waves and drought". It also stated "all but a handful of states would have worse air quality and flooding".
And predicts " an increase in diseases spread by tainted food, bad water and bugs".

The report concluded " that climate change poses real risk to human health and human system that supports our way of life in the United States". (Joel Scheraga, EPA research program director)

Manmade global warming, caused mainly by greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels, livestock farming and deforestation of rainforests, has raised global temperatures in recent years. Scientists predict that by mid-century there is a likely rise of 2 degrees and about 7.5 degrees by the end of the century. That is, if Mother Earth is not destroyed before then!

This report, instead of repeating the ill effects of global warming, focused on how climate change will "accentuate the disparities already evident in the American health care system". It highlighted on the future plight of the vulnerable Americans - the poor, elderly, sick, very young and immigrants -who will bear the brunt of America's contribution of greenhouse gas emissions.

Lest we sit back and feel that we are unlikely to suffer the same fate, we must be reminded of the fact that climate change is just not America's problem. It is right at our doorstep and whether we choose to ignore or acknowledge its presence, every living, breathing being is wallowing in it! It has no boundary and needs no invitation to let its presence be felt.

There is a price to pay for everything... and the cost to pay for addressing this global issue will not be cheap. We will lose everything that we have taken for granted - even our very own life is at stake here. We cannot be complacent and not be empathetic about this any longer. What can happen to America can also happen to us here in Malaysia. If they cannot save themselves with all the best technologies and know-hows, what more can other 'less developed' nations do to save themselves?

But we cannot just sit back and do nothing. The clock is ticking away but with the awareness and attention given to the matter now, we can still save planet earth ..... provided we all lend a helping hand. No matter how small the part you may be playing, if it is for the environ, it will go a long, long way. Just persist and do your part... it gets easier as you go along, believe me.


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