Thursday, July 3, 2008

Veg on Teacher's Day

For the past couple of months, pencinta alams had been actively distributing SOS - Save Our Planet flyers to fellow Malaysians and schools nationwide.

Unexpectedly and to our surprise, one of the established schools - Cochrane National Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur invited us to participate in the Teacher's Day celebration upon learning about our SOS flyer.

Without hesitation, we decided to provide free vege food to all teachers, staff and students as an opportunity to raise awareness on global warming and vegetarianism. We also planned to set-up a booth to display environmental care materials. Upon request, the school happily consented to play the DVD on SOS-Save Out Planet as part of the programs on that day.

Due large quantity of food, we combined efforts with two popular vegetarian restaurants-More More Vegan House and Tian Yian Cafe to prepare Vege fish burgers and eggless cake respectively at a very special price.

On 23rd May 2008, a team of 17 enthusiastic pencinta alams, all neatly dressed in Supreme Master Television T-shirt, arrived at the Cochrane school.

At 7.30am, we quickly set up audio visual equipments, the booth and quietly filled up with goodie gift bags and eggless vege cake, vege fish burger, SOS-Save Our Planet DVD and a poster with information on materials decomposition rate for distribution to all teachers.

A special announcement was made before a 30 min SOS DVD was played on a big projector screen for the teachers and students in the fully packed main school hall.

With the efficiency and co-operation of the school organizing committee, 6 food stations were set-up earlier for the distribution of food. During the interval, vegetarian buegers were served to more than 1500 students and administrative staff including the school gardeners, janitors and security personnel.

It was indeed a privilege to be assigned the only booth for this event. We continued playing other global warming programs using projector and on a separate TV at our decorated Supreme Master Television booth near the school canteen. SOS flyers and Save Our Planet DVDs were given away to teachers and students. Information on using plant-based diet and bio-degradable products to curb global warming were displayed. Recycling items like cloth bags, eco-friendly food boxes and posters on "Go Green" were also displayed in full view to all presence.

Response and feedback were positive and encouraging as many wanted to know more about the seriousness of global warming. It was very touching to hear from the teenagers asking specific questions and voicing their concern after understanding the problems affecting them.

In the interview that follows, the principal, teachers and students expressed their heartfelt gratitude for providing them with vegetarian cakes and burgers on this special occasion. To many of them, it was their first time taking vegetarian food and surprised that the food tasted good. Furthermore, the school principal fully supported and expressed her appreciation for our continuous efforts in bringing awareness to all fellow human beings on global warming. She further emphasized that meat eating is the major cause of global warming and shall encourage her students to switch to plant-based diet. She even stressed that every household should start cooking vegetarian food for their children and work on it as a food culture.

Our fellow pencinta alams were all motivated and delighted with the positive outcome from the teachers and students. We were indeed very grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to work with the school and for Hiers immense blessings throughout the entire event.

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