Friday, July 18, 2008

How Great Can We Be?

Dear Pencinta Alam

This is a sharing with fellow Malaysians. God Bless !!

Guest On Planet

How great can we be?
The choice is absolutely ours!

No, I am not referring to the social status, financial or leadership achievement etc, I am referring to the choice of expanding our greater inner self to go beyond the ordinary human that we appear to be. It’s not about competing with or expecting recognition from others, but rather to awaken and develop the greatness within us, elevate ourselves, be sensitive to the surroundings and the suffering of other beings, and to present ourselves as a good guest on this planet till the day when we have to leave, we will leave gracefully with a clear conscience.

Lately, it’s reported more frequently than ever in the media in regards to the seriousness of global warming , and how it will affect everyone residing this planet Earth. This is definitely not a science fiction, nor a story made up to manipulate the world economy; it’s also not a mere project proposed by a certain scientist or environmentalist in order to get a project grant from somewhere, this is the REAL thing happening RIGHT NOW. It is going to happen in many parts of the world, and this nightmare is coming closer to us. How DAMAGING can it be? Are Malaysians aware of this? The answer is best coming from you, dear Reader! And the followings are the warning from top scientists :

1. According to NASA's top scientist James Hansen, “We have passed tipping points. We have not passed a point of no return. we can still roll things back, but it is going to require quick turn in direction”

2. Nearly all the ice could be gone from the Artic Ocean by the end of summer 2012 - NASA climate scientist Dr. H. Jay Zwally

3. and the latest updates - Scientists warn that there may be no ice at North Pole this summer.

It’s rather scary, isn’t it? The good news is, there is solution to it and it can be done through many ordinary people like you and I who are willing to work on it in a global scale.

I am fortunate to have an opportunity to work with a group of people who have access to the latest updated information on global warming through Supreme Master Television
The urgency reported by scientists and environmentalists in the daily updated information, and the knowledge that many ordinary people like us around the world are working together for the same goal, keeps us going.

Since end of last year, a group of Malaysian volunteers have been pouring out their hard earned money to prepare informative materials on global warming - without even asking for public donation to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding; they spent their precious evenings after work, rest days and sometimes took leave from their work to prepare and take turns going around to distribute free global warming information, with the intention to create awareness and to offer solutions as suggested by the scientists and environmentalists i.e. get every individual to reduce meat intake or opt for plant-based diet , and adopt a greener lifestyle. The response has been encouraging. The feedback of those who are willing to take the heed and change their lifestyle due to this emergency calling is increasing compare to the earlier stage.

I am not here to boost the EGO of these volunteers or to broadcast how great these people are. What I am trying to convey is if each and every one of us are willing to share our time and money wisely, we indeed have the ability to make changes through group effort. Thus securing a safe planet Earth for the present and future co-inhabitants, including ourselves.

Mind you, this planet is the only home for all of us, our children, our future generations and our co-inhabitants. The level of the possible destruction will be in direct proportion of the SUFFERINGS THAT WE ARE GOING TO FACE, THE CHOICE is indeed IN OUR HANDS.

May this inspire you into taking immediate action, fellow Malaysians.

我们伟大的品质可以发展到什么程度 ?
选择完全在于自己 !

不, 我并非指社会地位,财产或领导方面的成功。我是说选择扩展内边伟大的本性,以超越我们平凡的肉身。不是为了跟别人比较高低,或期待他人的认同;而是唤醒和发展我们内在伟大的品质, 提高自己对周遭环境和他人痛苦的敏感度。在这个世界上作一个好的客人,直到我们必须离开的那天,我们将优雅的,心安理得的道别。

最近,有关全球暖化恶化的情况,以及它将如何影响这个星球之居留者的报道比任何时期更颇繁。这可不是科幻小说,也不是企图控制全球经济而捏造出来的故事,当然更不是某个科学家或环保团体为了取得资助而写出来的某个构想计划。这是目前正在世界各地发生着和即将接踵而来的灾难,而这个恶梦正一步步朝向我们。它的破坏将有多大?马来西亚人觉察到了吗?也许最好的答案应该来自您,亲爱的读者。以下是顶尖科学家给予的警告 :

1. 美国宇航局的首席科学家詹姆士韩森表示 :「 我们虽已过了转折点,但我们还未到达无法挽救的地步。我们还能扭转大局,但必须立即改变,采取行动。」
中文 :
英文 :

2. 据美国宇航局气候科学家齐瓦利博士预测:2012年夏天北极冰层将全部消失。
中文 :

3. 科学家表示北极区冰层,在今年九月可能完全融化。



有一群马来西亚的义工自去年底开始,不断倾出他们辛苦赚来的钱,甚至为了不必要的误会,而不向公众筹款。他们利用放工后的时间和休息日,准备全球暖化的资料,大家轮流派送免费资料给各界公众人士,以期唤醒人们对全球暖化的认识, 并提供科学家以及环保人士给予的解决方案 : 即是每个人少吃肉,,或茹素,和 选择环保的生活方式 。回响确实令人鼓舞,比起初期,越来越多人倾听并愿意为了这紧急的呼吁而改变自己的生活方式。

我并非要在此为义工们吹嘘或宣传他们有多伟大, 我只想传达一个信息,如果每个人愿意善用时间和金钱,我们将可透过团结的力量来保障一个安全的家给地球目前和未来的居留者。

请切切记得 ,地球是我们唯一的家,是您,我,我们的子孙和其他有形众生唯一的家。地球毁坏的程度将和我们受苦的程度成正比例。选择,就在我们的手中。


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Anonymous said...

Dear Guest on Earth,

We thank you very much for your support and effort. We believe more caring Malaysians, as you are, will join us, share their voice, ACT, and spread on the awareness.

Time is running out, but we will go on and do what we can, while we still can....

Thanks again, and have a peaceful and blessed day! :)