Thursday, July 10, 2008


A very short news article featured in the NST today caught my attention. It was so brief but to the point and many of us may not have noticed it at all.

Apparently, the Health Ministry had conducted a survey in 2006 on the population of smokers then.Why it has taken this long to publish the results is a mystery. The figures given are probably an estimate now as at least 2 more years have lapsed since the survey was first carried out.

Be that as it may, I would like to share what the report has to say:

## Malaysians buy an approximate 33 million cigarettes in ONE SINGLE DAY.

## Approximately RM8.6 million is spent by smokers on the habit in A DAY.

## The bulk of smokers are youths between the ages of 13 - 17 years of age.
Many of these are still in schools (or should be) , so where do they get the money to spend on

## Out of the estimated 423,000 young smokers, at least 46,000 are females.
Their total spending power on cigarettes : a staggering RM273,000 IN A DAY!
My question is still the same : WHERE DO THEY GET THAT KIND OF MONEY?

## There are at least 2 million adult puffers in the country and the figure is growing day by day!
Are YOU one of the many? Sorry, no prize if you should answer YES.

Well, it's really not the money we are gripping about here, although it's an issue by itself.
What is more worrying is, too many youngsters are picking up this habit - risking their health and well-being in the long term. Peer pressure and the need to un-stress may be their excuse BUT do they really think smoking is the in-thing to do?

Nothing irks me more when I am 'forced' to breath in second-hand smoke from inconsiderate smokers. Banning them from smoking in public has not been effective in stopping them in any way.

The authorities has been imposing policies and carried out anti-smoking campaigns to re-educate us to the negative effects of smoking and are still finding it an uphill task. Total eradication of this habit may not see the day but we can still wish, can't we?

I truly hope Malaysians of all ages will care for their health and make it their responsibility to also let others live a healthier and enjoy a cleaner environment. Taking care of ourselves first will ultimately also benefit others around us. Cultivate good living habits is not a must these days. IT IS A NECESSITY ! Our health and the environ depend on us, as individuals.

For those who can't kick the smoking habit.... do yourself a favour.... REDUCE !!!!
And for those who want to quit BUT think it's hard to do..... I have friends who have smoked for years and who have stopped lighting up overnight! So, what's so tough if you put your heart to it?

Any ex-smokers out there who care enough to share your experiences especially on how to quit the habit ?

You can read about the short report on the survey here:

And finally, have a great day.... LIVE HEALTHY!!

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