Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It is heartening to read in today's STAR (18th June) that SCHOOLS nationwide will embark on a tree planting campaign to instil a sense of responsibilty among our youths, towards the environment.

Datuk Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim - Deputy Education Director informed that they aim to reach a target of 20 MILLION TREES by year 2020!! That's a lot of trees. What a challenge!! BUT I am very confident that it can be done. There is no better place to start than in schools to inculcate a love for the environment. Moreover, school children of today will be decision makers of tomorrow... and hopefully, responsible ones too. Go to the The Star site and read in detail on this subject.

2020 may seem a long way off but 12 years may just not be enough to 'heal' the damages already inflicted by worldwide deforestation and wood-related industries. It is good that MALAYSIA is taking this first step towards addressing the effects of global warming. Although blessed with lush greenery, many natural vegetation have to make way for development. There have been quite a few uproar from concerned parties over this issue. Let's hope that planting more trees will help to counter effect the harm done.

If everyone can just plant one tree in one's lifetime.... we can help brake and reverse the negative effects of climatic change. Coupled with the use of renewable energy, adopting a meatless diet, recycling and/or eliminating plastic products etc.... we can and will reduce our carbon footprints. We don't have to wait for governments to draw up policies for what we can and must do as a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the World.

I planted an umbrella tree sapling 3 years ago... and I am proud to say that it has grown strong and tall... giving me a sense of hope that, if we truly care enough, we can SAVE MOTHER EARTH from further destruction.

If anyone out there has a view on this.... you are welcome to add or detract from it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greenies,

Before we can stop patting our backs for the good news on tree-planting campaign... here comes the biggest hooha from, of all people, the MB of Kedah!!

MB Azizan Adul Razak has issued a threat to the Federal Govt that if the latter will not meet Kedah's request for a Rm100 million compensation for the loss of revenue - as the state is not allowed to cut down trees for
commercial gain.

He was referring to trees in and near water catchment areas in Kedah state.

I cannot help but wonder if he was in the right state of mind when he made this statement at the state excecutive council meeting on the 18th. Come on, a rational being (not to mention one in a resposible position, as he is) must have gone ding-a-ling to come up with such an unacceptable idea !!

Sometimes, I wonder if the efforts put in to save the environment will ever come through if we have more of these nincompoops popping up from nowhere and everywhere!!!

Well, I guess some people will only see the forest for the trees or is it the other way around?

Enough said.... I need to regain my senses, which are still reeling from reading this bit of 'news'....

For further details on what prompted him to make this statement, go to:

Greensleeves said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes... I was as upset as you when I read about this bit of irresposible remark.

BUT, help is on the way - environmental groups are now up in-arms over this issue.

We hope that the Malaysian Nature Society under the wing of its Chairman Mr Phang Fatt Khow, will continue to keep tabs on this and will not let it happen.
See THE STAR for more on this:

Farmers in Kedah are also not too happy over this 'threat' and see it as "an atempt to kill off our livelihood". They said that it is coomon knowledge the trees are there to help retain water in the ground which helps the padi fields.
If you take into account that there are 63,000 farmers in the north... and if all lend a voice to STOP their MB from doing what he has proposed to do.... the trees will may to stay after all.
Read about this in the NST:

Also, we hope that the the Federal Govt will resolve this agenda with the Kedah State soon. Whatever the outcome may turn out to be, let's all pray that the trees will not end up as their scape goats!!!