Thursday, June 19, 2008


Chocolate-loving Vegetarians may need to be more careful when purchasing cocoa-based confectioneries.

I have just read of an ALERT posted by the Vegetarian Society (UK) that chocolates manufactured by Masterfood Company Chocolate Products (MARS) contain RENNET (a coagulaing enzyme extracted from the lining of cow's stomach). The manufacturer is not denying this and further said that this was a "principled decision" on its part.

Many other brands of chocolate may have contents which are not suitable for vegetarians BUT may not reveal them (the contents). To be on the safe side, my friends and I will only consume NESTLE products which we know for sure are free from animal by-products (except milk and milk-related ones).

Please read further on this link and note the list products from MARS to avoid if you are a vegetarian:

List of MARS products:
Bounty · Celebrations · Dove Chocolate · Flyte · Galaxy · Kudos (North America) · Lockets · M-Azing (North America) · Maltesers · M&M's · Mars Bar · Mars Delight · Milky Way · Minstrels (UK only) · Mars Planets (newly inroduced in UK) · Skittles · Snickers (The top-selling candy bar in the United States. Known in the UK as Marathon until 1990) · Starburst (Originally Opal Fruits in the UK) · 3 Musketeers (North America) · Topic · Twix · Snicker's Marathon Energy Bar · AquaDrops

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