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I am sure many of you out there are already on the road to GOING GREEN. There are just too many adverse info on the destructive forces of global warming for us NOT to heed the warnings and do something about it. No matter how small your effort may seem now, IT is significant if you challenge yourself to make it your PERSONAL commitment.

Below, please check out the top 10 + 1 ways you can adopt to help fight climate change. I have used the website (at bottom of page) as a reference and have added in useful hints and suggestions that may help anyone who care enough to join us in this worthwhile cause.
All we ask is that you PLEDGE to make this your PASSION and MISSION....

# Switch off lights and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use
e.g. computer, TV, fans, radio, portable chargers, etc.
# Clean and maintain electrical appliances regularly - this will maximise energy savings.
# When buying new gadgets, look for energy efficient models.
# Turn air-cond temperature to high of between 22-24 deg when in use.
REMEMBER : Less energy = less pollution

# Take a shower instead of a bath.
# Turn off the tap and not let water run unnecessarily when you are brushing your teeth, and washing dishes.
# Recycle water from your laundry and kitchen for the garden.
# Collect rain water for washing and watering plants.
# Wash laundry only when you have a full load.
# Use a bucketful of water to clean your car.

# Change to compact flourescent light bulbs.
# Turn off lights when not in the room.

# Avoid buying products with elaborate packaging. They cost more and also not eco-friendly.
# Buy refills whenever available e.g. shampoo, shower gel and washing detergent.
# Support local-made products - they are cheaper and have less carbon imprint.
# Eat more organic foods which are eco-friendly, healthier and are free from pesticides and fertlizers.
# Eat more local fruits and vegetables rather than expensive imported ones.

# Carpool to help ease traffic congestion and air pollution.
# Walk or ride a bicycle for short distances. e.g from your home to the groceries/market.
# Make a list of errands and plan to do them in a day... this saves time, petrol and money.
# Take public transport whenever convenient instead of using the car.

# Trees are natural air-filters - they convert harmful carbon dioxide to oxygen.
# If space is not available, cultivate a small garden in your porch/balcony. Pots of green leafy plants are so eye-pleasing and helps the environ.
# Reduce the use of paper and/or recycle to help save more trees.

Reduce the use of plastic bags and other non-degradable products
# Recycle and reuse glass/plastic/cardboard receptacles.
# Sort out recyclable items and convert them to cash.
# Give old clothes ,toys, books, old furniture and electrical appliances (not working) to Charity. Make sure they are in fair condition and are repairable for further use.

# solar
# wind turbine energy
# natural gas
# others

(9) ADVOCATE FOR - SOS Planet Earth
# Cultivate Green habits and make a change to your present lifestyle.
# Join in and actively participate in environmental activities/ gotong royong clean-ups in your locality..
# Take the lead and start your own environmental group.
# Set an example to your children - teach and show them the way.

Cut down/stop smoking. It's good for your heath and the environment.
# Don't subject your loved ones and friends to second-hand smoke with your habit.

(11) Last but not the least - GO VEG! BE GREEN !
# Begin to adopt a plant-based diet to reduce livestock-induced pollution to the environment.
# Support animal-rights activist groups in their battle against cruelty to animals and livestock.


BLOGGER'S COMMENTS : These are but some of the ways we can help protect the environment. If you have more to share, please post them to us at : and we will include them to the blog in your credit.


Anonymous said...

These are excellent ways to go green.

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Green electronics would make great gifts, but really help the environment. Please visit for more information on these products.

Anonymous II :) said...

Thanks for this pc, it's practical & achievable, I shouldn't have problem to put most of it into practice. BTW, thanks to Anonymous for the info & weblink on green electronics. It certainly helps.

Keep it up ! Greensleeves & Pencinta Alam, I have been following your blog.

Just to let u guys know someone out there is grateful to your effort !

Greensleeves said...


Welcome and thank you so much for your contribution.

Yes,energy-saving gadgets are the 'in' thing now in addressing climatic change.

Lately, I have been reading of such innovations in the market... in MALAYSIA to be precise!!

You have actually given me an idea for a new page on GREEN appliances which we are a definite PLUS to saving our environ.

I hope to receive more of such info and dedicate a page on this subject soon. So, keep a look-out and if you have more to share, please add to the list.

Thank you ...