Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vegetarianism in a nutshell

With the current hype on why, adopting a Vegetarian/Vegan diet will help arrest global warming, many people have made a 360 degree turn-around and pledged to change their eating habits for the sake of saving our planet earth from further abuse.

Besides helping the environment there are also many other reasons why others have made this their choice. Uppermost on the list of reasons - is religion such as Buddhism, Hindusim, Jainism, Essenes (during Christ's age) etc. Health is also another reason and so are morals and ethics.

I have here a link that you can go to for more info on the subject. This is from PETA an animal activist group who has been campaigning for the environment and vegetariansim as well.

In my next blog, I will list down the different types of vegetarians and what they would avoid in their daily meals.

Till then, healthy eating !!

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