Saturday, June 14, 2008

Earth Day at Zoo Negara: "Call for Climate"

April 20th, 2008 - In conjunction with Earth Day "Call for Climate", Zoo Negara, KL Malaysia, held a voluntary event with activities including tree planting, open seminar on climate change, preservation of wetlands, 20 tips on How to Save Earth, etc.

Along with other members of the public, some students and private organizations, we volunteered in tree planting. We were split up into 3 groups to 3 corners of the Zoo.

Megan, I must say, you did a great job with the cangkul!
Glad we were in the same group :)
We were definitely hoeing away those extra pounds! Yey!!!

Also in the same group, were some Form 6 students. When asked, they said they saw it on the papers that Zoo Negara was calling for volunteers, and they wanted to help, so they just signed up. Bravo to all of them youngsters!!

We also served home-cooked vege dishes such as Nasi Ayam, Ikan Masak Asam, Nasi Halia Kunyit and fresh salad, (yum, yum, yum...) thanks to Dot and May. All participating members and Zoo Negara staffs enjoyed the vege food and some were surprised how tasty they were. Eco-friendly food packs were also provided.

And of course, SOS flyers were distributed to patrons of Zoo Negara on that meaningful day, and SOS DVD was played during the seminar.

Many thanks to Eddy, Dr. Felix, Herman and their fellow staff members of Zoo Negara. Your tireless effort has certainly made a sound call for climate!

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