Wednesday, June 25, 2008


SOVs (Single Occupancy Vehicles) are not environmenal friendly as they contribute to traffic jams and congestions on the roads. On top of that , they are the cuplrits of green-house gas emission. In view of the recent price hike of petrol, they also burn your pockets and empty your wallets faster than you can say 'Jack-on-a-beanstalk'!

In a bid to save on hard-earned cash and in the process, reduce hazardous green-house gases, road users are looking to 'revive' the carpooling habit. Not too long ago, due to traffic congestion, especially Kuala Lumpur City centre, we were asked to car-pool to help ease the problem. But because of a lack of commitment (due to personal and not-so-personal reasons) the idea sizzled out even before it got started.

Maybe, the drastic increase in petrol is, after all, a blessing in disguise or should I say - a blow to our 'pasar-malam' attitude (where you can get the best bargains)? Whatever, we are now feeling the pinch and are checking out on how we can make our money go further.

During a recent draft plan session at the local DBKL, a consultant recommended that by adopting to carpool, vehicles on the road could be reduced up to 96%. Wow! Will it mean we will see KL turning into 'cowboy towns' - very much like during Raya and Chinese New Year holidays?

A group of carpoolers, calling themselves KUALA LUMPUR Rideshare, have just been formed under the guidance of Eric Lim. From what I gathered, he has gone hi-tech as he has done ample research on the system and plans to do it on a big-scale with help from web-based central monitors. He also said that for the system to work, those who signed up must be rewarded with incentives and premiums. Not a bad move, Eric.... I wish you all the best. Not only will this help commuters save $$$$ but will also be killing two birds with one stone as less cars on the road equals less pollutants in the air.

On a personal note - since the price hike, I have yet to fill up my tank hoping to stretch the last drop of petrol (at old price) to last as long as possible! How kai-su! I have stopped jumping into my WIRA whenever I need to make short trips to the market, which is within walking distance from my house. My friends and I have found a perfect spot for our morning tai-chi sessions which is nearer and I don't have to use the car. Great savings! Now, I dread having to fill her up! Help! Will some genius come up with a cheaper and more affordable alternative to petrol soon?

Meanwhile, why be a lone-ranger driving you SOV when you can have a party???
Happy carpooling!!!

For more on ERIC LIM and his carpooling scheme, you can check it out at here:
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