Friday, June 13, 2008

International Medical University - Go Green

March 23, 2008 -IMU had a week long campaign to raise awareness on the current environmental issue. We were there, passing out flyers, and playing our SOS! Save Our Planet DVD. Our fellow members prepared vege dishes, such as fried tom yam meehoon, yam rice, claypot chicken rice, fried noodle, acar (pickles), cookies, sushi rice, fruit cakes, kuih muih and herbal soup, (yummy!) for free vege food sampling. We also had vege cooking demo:
kimchi, korean glass noodle and korean pancake by a fellow Korean member and ulam meehoon, rojak buah and soy soup noodle by our another super cook, May. (yummy!! x3) These are easy-to-prepare vege food.
Some students were keen and walked up to us to inquire about the connection on meat-eating and climate change. And there was a teacher of IMU, she was very happy to have learned of our mission.
We'd like to express our deepest admiration and gratitude to the IMU student affairs body that ran the entire campaign. Kudos!!!

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