Thursday, June 26, 2008

GLOBAL WARMING - An Inconvenient truth??

In recent years, animal-rights activists have been actively campaigning for the protection of animals with emphasis on livestock raised for human consumption.

Factory farms and abattoirs have been found guilty of ill-treating these defenseless creatures. Countless such animals have to live out their short lives in deplorable conditions and for them, death would seem a welcome end to their miserable existence.

In an effort to appeal to the humane nature of those who feel compassion and love for all animals, these activists advocate a diet totally free from all types of meat and its by-products. In so doing, we can lessen and reduce the sufferings of our animal friends.

This call for us to stop putting meat on our dining tables has now been further endorsed by environmentalists who now acknowledge the fact that climatic changes due to global warming is directly linked to the meat industries. Research data has confirmed this to be true.

Livestock generates more greenhouse gases than all worldwide transportation combined! It also accounts for 65% of human-caused nitrous oxide (which is 296 times as warming as CO2); totes up 37% of methane gases (23 times as warming as CO2)!! The figures given are staggering enough to vote livestock as the most significant contributor to worldwide global warming !

Heads of states together with the UNITED NATIONS have debated and chewed over the critical situation of global warming. Numerous summit meetings have been attended by scientists and environmentalists seeking ways and means to reduce its destructive effects.

In the latest NASA-issued warning : "THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE" god-father of global warming sciences - JAMES HANSEN - said that the world has long passed the 'dangerous level' for greenhouse gases in the atmotsphere and needs to get back to year 1988 levels in order to reverse the course. He had, in that year, brought the matter of global warming to the attention of the US Senate. Other scientists echo his warning that 5 to 10 years' from now, the Arctic will be completely free of ice. Hansen and his friends have been ignored and laughed at by skeptics. BUT now, evidence of what will happen can happen and is too obvious to be disregarded as hogwash!!
For details on this report:
NASA warming scientist: This is the Last Chance

Many people who realise the impact of these findings have made laudable changes to their daily diet. In Europe alone, many are turning to plant-based meals with health, ethics and the conservation of the environ in mind. In the past couple of months, a million and more people in Taiwan have signed up to pledge their support for vegetarianism. These and many others
are coming to terms with the truth behind the rationale of non-killing and that a meatless diet will help reduce their carbon footprint.

To please everyone is a mammoth task. Given the fact that world economies and the livelihood of many will be affected if everyone is to stop eating meat overnight, I must humbly borrow from Al Gore the approriate title to his documentary on Global Warming. "AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" . How apt .... yes, the TRUTH is not always welcome even at the best of times. For many, TRUTH will always be an INCONVENIENCE !!

So, the onus is on you and me ... do we want to continue living a life with no regard for others , animals and human beings alike? If you would take a little time to reflect on this, you may be quite surprise with your own answer.

I wish you well and may heaven's grace and mercy be with you always!

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