Monday, June 16, 2008

Get Chic! Use Recycle Bags

I was still in a sweet siesta when I got a call from Candy, a fellow pencinta alam. The elation in her voice, told me right away she has a great new idea to share. Sheepishly I listened to the young mother, who carries with her cool-looking recycle bags every time she goes for groceries: "Today, a lady in pasar asked me where can she get these recycle bags. I was thinking that we can push for having "Go Veg, Go Green" printed on recycle bags to raise awareness!!! She has a daughter who goes to college, lugging around books in such bags. Just like my daughter, she loves taking them to school too, it's hip!"

And I was more impressed hearing that having recycle bags with fancy imprints is all the rage these days. Even an 10 yrs old thinks it's way cool. And I wonder why many adults are still unwilling or feeling shy to shop with recycle bags. Just the other day, someone told me that her maid is ashamed to carry one.

Candy continued, "I was caught by surprise having asked such question, and my mind went blank."

Well, I don't blame her as it is quite unusual for such question to be raised here in Malaysia. But what was more important was that it goes to show that there are people out there who are now paying more attention and are more receptive of recyclable items.

Candy was carrying Giant's recycle bag. They are sold for RM2.50 each in all Giant's and there are similar ones you can find in other hypermarkets. Some vege restaurants like New Giant Bowl in SS2 PJ, and gift shops sell them too. They are cheap and last a long time.

And yes, back to the question on promoting 'Go Green' by printing the slogan on recycle bags - it is an excellent idea. But even more brilliant if the mass media would join in the fight to curtail global warming by simply publishing short reminders like "Go Veg, Go Green - Save The Planet" everyday, on their media. To save our only Mother Earth, it's worthwhile. Wouldn't you think so?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pencita Alam,
Let me add a bit more to what you have posted on the Use of Recycle Bags...

What a co-incidence that I also had a friend who commented on this subject just this morning!

My next door neighbors - an Indian-Muslim and a Chinese meet up with me every morning for an hour's worth of tai chi. Just this morning, I had a cloth bag with me as I was planning to walk straight to the wet market (a stone's throw away from my house) after our exercise.

My Indian-Muslim friend was curious and asked what I was carrying and was quite surprised that I should opt to use a cloth bag instead of the usual plastic ones. When I explained the reasons why... she readily accepted the rationale of using eco-friendly products in our bid to help protect the environment. I hope that she will choose to 'Go Green'
and reduce her carbon footprints too.

Many countries are now campaigning to do away with plastic bags and use biodegradeables or recycled ones instead. I am more than pleased to tell you that SELANGOR (YES! our very own Selangor state)is aiming for ZERO PLASTIC BAGS and STYROFOAM in a year's time!

For a start, all the 12 municipal and city councils in the state will kick off the campaign next month before it is extended to include hypermarkets, shopping complexes, offices and homes.

The committee chairman Mr Ronnie Liu said that there is an urgent need to eradicate plastic bags as they have contributed to 14.3% of hazardous solid waste in the state.
Research showed that the usage life of a plastic bag last for a mere 12 minutes after which it is discarded. AND IT TAKES BETWEEN 20-50 YEARS BEFORE IT DECOMPOSE!!!
As for the decompostion rate for STYROFOAM - it is even more frightening!!! N-E-V-E-R !!

If that is not scary enough, I don't know what more anyone can tell us how harmful these items are to our environment.

So, I am all for cloth/recyclable bags ... it's not that difficult to start this good habit. In fact, after a short while, I bring my clothbag along with me whenever I go marketing/shopping. It got to be second nature with me now....

Before I sign off... here's a list of litter/waste with their rates of decomposition for everyone's info::::

PAPER ...........2-5 months
ORANGE PEELS ...... 6 months
MILK CARTONS ...... 5 years
PLASTIC BAGS............ 10-20 yrs
LEATHER SHOES .......... 25-40 yrs
PLASTIC CONTAINERS ..... 50-80 yrs
DISPOSABLE DIAPERS ........ 75 yrs
TIN CANS................... 100 yrs
ALUMINIUM CANS ........200-500 yrs
STYROFOAM..............N E V E R !!

Anonymous said...

Halo there! Glad to hear of your green habit and keep on spreading that green spirit!!
Thanks for your invaluable info here. Hope to hear more from you. :)

Anonymous said...

Good bye, sweet alternative other :)